Dr Woods eyes slowly opened. His eyes quickly darted around his surroundings. He seemed to be in a completely black space. There was not a twinkle of any other colour, just a black void that seemed to stare at him.Woods was in his usual clothing. A white lab coat with a red tie to accompany it. He still had his signature grey mask wrapped around his face.

Woods found it hard to remember what had happened. All he can remember is the feeling of lead hitting his body. But he couldn't figure out his attacker. When he tried to create a mental image, he saw Dr Spunky holding the gun with a sickly grin stuck on his face.

"No! It couldn't of been Spunky! He wouldn't do such a thing!" He shouted into the void. "But it was" A voice called out from the void. Woods watched as a man appeared from the darkness.

He supported a long, white beard that hung from his face. He wore your typical business man outfit, a black suit with a red tie. "He was working with the Chaos Insurgency the whole time, right behind your back"

Woods was stunned. All the memorys started to flood back. The containment breach, the radio, Hudson, Chaos Insurgency and Spunky. "Just who are you? And where am I?" he questioned.

"I go by many names, but the most popular is God. But you might know me as SCP-343. To answer your second question, your in purgatory." Woods chuckled. "So am I going to follow Malfrous to hell?"

"Malfrous isn't in hell or heaven" The man said. "What do you mean he isn't in heaven or hell?" Woods said with a confused face. "I'm saying Malfrous isn't dead" he said flatly. "What do you mean he isn't dead! He got fucking nuked!" He shouted across the void.

"Malfrous can survive a nuke and I can't even survive a couple of shots to the chest!?" The man chuckled.

"Who said you where dead?"