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Dr. Horror working in the Medical Bay

Name: Dr.███████ Horror.

Clerence Level: 2

Hair Color: Ranges from different dyes

Departments: Medical, Internal Security, Security, Scientific.

BIo: Dr. Horror as wel call her, has been with the foundation for about a month now, she mostly resides at site {REDACTED}. Originally she was a D-class member for one month. She was saved from being tested on the next day by Dr. {REDACTED}. Being in the foundation, the facility has learned of her ability to memorize files she has learned. Although like normal humans she has a tendicy to forget sometimes and needs often reminders.

Her specialties lie within the Keter and Euclid area, however does not have access to the Keter class.

In the facility, she is often working with Dr. Colms. She dreams of being a Head Researcher one day, although that's up to the O-5 Command on her part. She is in the research team with Dr. Colms, and they seem to get along very well.

SCPS she has worked with: SCP-009, SCP-012, SCP-008 (Although left the scene quickly after seeing D-class being ripped to shreads by SCP-008-1) SCP-1123, SCP-999,SCP 610. SCP-131. SCP-1325, And many more.

Dr. Horror && Dr. Colms working in SCP-009


Dr. Horror: Sir I have brought the D-class personell. 

Dr. Colms: Ah, good. Then we can begin,

*Dr. Colms turns to face the D-class with upmost seriousness on his face.*

Dr. Colms: Now, D-Class, you will step down this ladder and stand on the grey plating. Do NOT touch the red stuff inside. Now, go down the ladder.

*Dr. Horror begins to take notes on observations about SCP-009. Putting the clipboard back into her bag, she climbs down the ladder with Dr. Colms and the D-Class. One D-class seeming to be cautious about SCP-009.*

D-Class 76645: Uhm, what's IN this red stuff?

Dr. Horror: I'm glad you asked. That's what you are here to find out for us. Shall we begin, Dr. Colms?

Dr. Colms: Eh... sure. Now D-Class! You will enter the red pod, now both of you will step in at the same time, and you will exit the pod in 4 seconds understand?

*Both D-Class nod*

Dr. Colms: Good. Now... enter.

*The two D-class personell touch SCP-009 however, as soon as they touched it, they begin to scream in pain, Dr. Horror cupping her ears. The skin of the D-class personell seemed to turned absoulte red. As well the were gripping their heads in pain.*

Dr: Horror: So, they feel the pain and the cold? I am counting this as well.

*The two D-class personell seemed to fall on the ground dead. After 50 seconds... ith horror counting every moment with her fingers*

Dr. Colms: Well now, that was unexpected for the screaming. No matter. Dr: Horror how many seconds?

Dr. Horror: 52. 52 Seconds.

Dr. Colms: Fair results. This is the first time anyone has counted how many seconds until they die. 

Dr: Horror: I suppose I got lucky to survive then. Shall we get back to research sir?

Dr: Colms: Fine with me. 



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