[[RECOVERED AUDIO LOG | JUNE ██, ████ - █:██ ]]

//: begin audio log

[Three |3| Staff members, accompanied with Two |2| Security Department Guards equiped with sub-machine-guns: FN P90, are observing behind a one-way glass panel in the interrogation room.]

[Camera Feed is online, microphone is lowered. Doctor Drago is seated the table.]

[Doctor Drago is silent for several minutes until he speaks up in a hoarse tone of voice]

"The Foundation, it's a cruel organization. Protecting humanity they said, heh. Bullshit. I still don't know why I still work in this shitty job, I mean, I could have been a regular scientist working for some other non-anomalous company. But, no, instead I chose a career that specializes in the risk of dying every few seconds. But, eh, at least there's some benifets for working here. Like cash, my payment is basically robbing an entire bank! Not that I would do that or anything."

"I met a few, what I would consider, friends along these harsh years. Some died, which was depressing because I've known them for so long. Meanwhile, if some Mobile Task Force unit died, I wouldn't give two shits about them, I mean, it's their fault for picking a fucking excuse of a job for that. There's basically a seventy-five percent of them dying each time some retard opens up One-Seven-Three's containment cell and goes off to take a shit or whatever, and comes back to see the idiotic test subjects who decided to blink and then run around screaming, Oh-Seven-Nine did it. Heck, what the hell is next? Oh-Seven-Nine did Nine-Eleven? I decided to join the Security Department because the Mobile Task Forces were overrated, but they were assholes too. "