This is a perspective of Dr. Hudson view of Dr. Malfrous's death......

It all happened so quickly, The containment breach and the Warhead going off. He died a hero, to Dr. Hudson and the rest of the Foundation. He was a friend to all and a dedicated worker. Hudson was at the Class D Cells with him. He was going to get the class D's to Interact with SCP-049 and communicate with him. When the lights flickered and the familiar pre-recorded voice on the loud-speaker. "SITE IS EXPERIENCING MULTIPLE KETER, EUCLID LEVEL CONTAINMENT BREACHES FULL SITE LOCK DOWN INSTANTIATING" "Oh Fuck!" Hudson ran to the door shouting behind him "Get the Class D's out the back door MTF!!" they nodded in approval Dr. Hudson scrambled into a intersection while hearing gunshots and other fellow Doctors screaming and wailing like banshees. He got to Gate A eventually after a LONG journey across intersections, hallways, and containments. He got in the elevator and seen the bright of day Dr. Malfrous followed. The other well-know n doctors such as Woods and Snail who was shivering and whimpering. Then a horrible loud-speaker voice said  "The Omega Warheads are facing a malfunction; manual intervention is needed.” Then Dr. Hudson heard something that he thought would NEVER come out of Dr. Malfrous's mouth "I'll do it" "What?" the entire congregation of Doctors said in unison "I'll go activate the bombs myself"

Dr. Malfrous went in the elevator regardless of the Doctors trying to stop him. He was successful.. The helicopter arrived and MTF officers where helping Doctors on. Hudson refused to go unless a team of MTF went down to retrieve Dr. Malfrous and activate the bombs themselves. We could hear 096 screaming and Hudson turned his head to look a gas pipe burst and a bit of shrapnel hit Dr Hudson skinning his head he lay on the floor unconscious but was able to regain his consciousness after two minutes. MTF dragged Hudson onto a helicopter. Hudson was able to speak "W-where is Malfrous?" "He is still in there sir." "Go back and get him!" "We cannot sir, it's too dangerous" "No!" "Lift us up!!" "No stay here wait for-" He was cut off by the heli lifting "No!! go back and get him" "Sir if we stay we all die!" "Lift us up!!" The MTF officer said and with that they lifted up Hudson still screaming 'Go back and get him!!' Then a large bang was heard. The Alpha Warheads detonated "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Hudson squealed "MALFROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Take us down!" The MTF officer said.

When they got down Hudson sprinted onto what was left of Site-40-2 Dr. Woods, Dr. Drago, Dr. Parkswood followed. They saw what was left of Dr. Samuel Malfrous. A hand with his knife still in it Hudson could've sworn he saw Dr. Drago cry and the rest of the Doctors that followed.

R.I.P Dr. Samuel Malfrous "you will never be forgotten "