An epic montage of randomness. Origin: Nanubot and Silversong723 acted as some good ol' English fellows in Site 31 and thus Pallus (nanubot) and Bertie (SilverSong723) was born! They embarked on the terrible journey of defeating the mighty lord Steven, or as they like to call it... THE BACKRUBBER.


"Jolly good show, Bertie!" Pallus shouted, munching on a biscuit and sipping at a cup of tea. "This is the greatest idea since dipping biscuits into tea!" Pallus remarked. "Hip, hip!" Bertie chanted, running down the corridor. "This Site 31 is far more exquisite than Jolly-Hood!" Pallus said. "My, my, so many British thugs. I have never seen so many rain clouds in one place!" Bertie laughed. "Hip, hip!" Bertie stopped at a door. "Here it is, ol' chap. " He said. The door slowly sliding upwards, light leaking in, blinding the duo. "Jolly good show, chap!" Pallus said, wiping at his eyes. "The wonderful void has never been brighter!" Bertie said, marvelling at the void. Behind the sliding door, was the sky. No ground. Just sky. Endless sky. And the sound of tea-rain pouring upon the roof of Site 31. "There is only one explanation for this familiar British-rain, Bertie!" Pallus shouted. "I do say, Pallus, I think it could be..." "STEVEN!" They shouted in unison. "My, my, the backrubbing chap must be here somewhere!" "Down there, I suppose!" Pallus pointed at the ground below, distant. "Let us jump then, chap!" They backed away from the doorway leading into nothingness. "Hooraah!" Shouted Bertie, jumping from the doorway and skydiving. "FOR THE KING!" Pallus screamed, following Bertie down the bottomless drop. And suddenly, everything turned to darkness. "I say, it is quite dark in here." Then, a squeak. "BLOODY HELL!" What was that, Pallus!?" Squeak. "OH MY!" "GOD NO!" "IT CAN'T BE-" Then, a flash of light. The duo found themselves in a metal room. And in the corner of that room was an orange blob. "STEEEEEVENNNN!"


"Have caution, Bertie!" Pallus whispered as Bertie shuffled to the corner where the blob was. "Steven.....?" Bertie whispered. "Steven, good chap? Is that you?" Bertie poked the blob. There was an ear piercing scream. "SON OF A - BAD SHOW, BERTIE, BAAD SHOOOW!" Pallus screamed, his hands over his ears. Bertie fainted and slumped to the floor. The blob hopped from the corner and landed on the body of Bertie. A set of jaws popped out of the front of the blob, and Steven sunk it into the flesh of Bertie. "BEEERRTTIIIEEE, NOOOOOO!" Pallus screamed. The blob stopped and glanced at Pallus. "Ahh...Would ja like some tea and crumpe- AAAAAAAAAH!" The blob slid toward Pallus at alarming speeds. No wait, nevermind. Pallus must be drunk on tea. The blob was slowwwwlllyyy slithering toward him. Slooowly. "S-steven?" Stammered Pallus. "Steven, don't try anything tricksy, ol' chap..." Pallus backed into a corner. The blob stopped. "OH YOU GOD DAMN BLASTED PIECE OF SLIME!" Pallus kicked at Steven. The blob hissed and jumped back. "Beeertie, me fellow, wake uppp!" Whined Pallus, cowering in the corner as the blob grew larger. The blob grew to the size where it took all the space in the room. "NOOOOOO!" Pallus screamed as the blob consumed him.



"BLOODY HELL!" Pallus shouted, waking up in bed, in a pool of sweat. Sitting on his bed was Dr. Malfrous, listening to an American song at loud volumes. He was nodding his head vigorously, juggling his knife like there was no tomorrow. "BLOODY AMERICANS, NEVER GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP, EH?" Pallus screamed. "I"M GOING TO BLOODY TEAR YOU APART!" Pallus screamed, jumping up. "God damnit, Pallus!" A voice shouted. Bertie stood in his doorway. "I told you, you should not sleep in this dreaded Site 31! All these god damn Americans sleep here, too!" He whined, a tray of biscuits in hand. Pallus stole one and quickly shoved it up his mouth. "I bloody hate America.'


End : Hip hip! Edit