"You're very pretty" Hudson said still intoxicated from the alcohol. "Hudson get off me!" Malfrous shouted angrily. Hudson started giggling uncontrollably "Jesus Christ Hudson how much fucking Vodka did you have?" Drago said with a hint of worry in his voice "I had eleven-de-seven!" That's not even a real fucking number Hudson" "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU GOATFUCKER!!" Taking another swig from his drink "Remind me never to give Hudson alcohol again..." Malfrous said to Drago.

Suddenly 'Wanderer by Dion' came on the radio Hudson smiled and began singing "OOOOOooo I'm the type of guy who'll never settle down!" "Hudson shut up!" Malfrous screamed at Hudson cursing the song in his head "Where pretty girls are! Well ya know I'm around!" Hudson paused to vomit on the floor "Annnnnddd when the fuck she asks me: who which one I love the best!" Hudson squealed before falling face-first on the floor. Hudson lifted his head up and continued singing...awfully.

Malfrous quickly ran over to the radio and shut it off "DA FUCK WHO TOOK DEM MUSICS!" Hudson shouted "What ya gonna do, What ya gonna do when they come for you! GHOSTBUSTERS" Hudson continued." Still screaming before running into the bathroom vomiting while going there.

"You don't know me!" Screaming into a mirror "MY EYES ARE PUZZLE PIECES" " gotta stop making out with that mirror.. you've been at it for..I don't know like three fucking hours!" "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU RED HAIRED FAGG-" Before finishing his sentence Hudson fell to the floor and began laughing uncontrollably again.

"Alright lets get you back to your room, eh Hudson?" " Are you Canadian?" He asked "No.." "He got Hudson on his feet and escorted him back to his room..

The next morning Hudson woke up with a terrible headache and now he's sober for the rest of the year.