Drago sat at the end of Site-40-2's bar, his head laid against the counter. There was cans of beer spilt everywhere near him, it was clear that he was drunk. His head raised swiftly as ever, his jaw opened and then he shouted, "VOOODKAAA!" Everyone at the pub glared at him, he continued screaming on the top of his lungs. "I WANT MY MOTHER FUCKING VODKA!" The two bartenders stayed silent, Agent ██████ continued cleaning the table with a rag, ignoring his demands. Agent █████████ told Drago, "Listen here, we don't serve Vodka nor Rum here. We're a formal establishment."

He ignored him and climbed on top of the table, "Hey! Get down from there!" ordered the bartender. Drago payed no attention to him and chugged in a can of Red Bull, "RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS!" cried out Drago, he screeched while █████████ responded, "Red Bull doesn't actually give you wings, trust me!" Drago then lunged himself into the air, crashing into a table with one or two staff members. The table broke in half, while Drago laid there. "Hey mate, you just wrecked our table!" hollered one of the men. "I'LL WRECK YOUR BLOODY FACE." responded with rage by Drago. He picked up one of the bottles and smashed it into the man's skull. The glass shattered into pieces and he cried out in agony, the other male pulled out his radio and called in for reinforcements.

Soon, a team of men armed with riot shields and batons arrived to the scene. Drago turned to face them, and let out his battle cry as he dashed toward them, one of the units pulled out his taser and released the trigger, sending electrical volts into Drago as he then collasped. The others ran toward him while he was having a seizure and beated him with their batons, "AAHGH! POLICE BRUTALITY!" screamed Drago as he attempted to crawl away.

The next morning he woke on the floor, bruised. He groaned in pain as he stood up, he glanced around the bar to see no one in sight. He walked toward the counter, and smiled as he discovered a package of beer.



[Non-canon, probably ]