This is a prequel, to when Dr. Hudson, a terrorist, fat american, and a porcupine are 7 years old and its 'Bring your Child to work day' Edit

Gripping his sons hand tight, they walked to the cafeteria. "That was really cool dad!" Conner Hudson Jr said to his father. They set up the cafeteria to be more 'Kid friendly' "Conner go over and get yourself some ice cream." "Do I need money daddy?" "No its free!" Hudson smiled "Yay!" His son ran over to the Ice cream dispenser while Hudson was talking to his friends " Hey Hudson!" "Is that your son?" "Yeah fat american.." "Looks a lot like you.." "That's what everyone has been saying" "Hey a terrorist!" "Hey guys this is my son, Daniel" "Hello mister" Daniel said "Hey Daniel go over to the Ice cream shop over there where the other kids are" "Whats your kids name Hudson?" "Conner" He replied a terrorist laughed "Named his after yourself I presume?" "Yeah. It was my wife's idea" He laughed more

"Hey daddy I got you some ice cream as well, Its chocolate!" "Thanks Conner, Let me introduce you to some of my friends" "This is Dr. a terrorist, fat american, Dr. Snail, Dr. Parkswood and a porcupine" "Hello.." Conner said shyly "Hey there" "He is an identical twin to you Hudson" said a porcupine "I have no twins Conner said" All the men laughed including Hudson himself "He even has your personality" "And I'd like you guys to meet my son, Daniel " "Hello" said Daniel "Hey kids why do you go over to the tables and we'll come after" Conner was making new friends. It was odd for him because he was very anti-social "Guy, they're just like us when we we're kids here" Said a terrorist, Hudson was having flashbacks

They where only 7 years old and It was Take your child to work day. It hadn't been good for little Conner Hudson the 2nd, His mother died when he was born so he had to stay at his fathers friend's house 'The fat american Residence'. He made a really good friend there his name was Kevin. But it was Bring your child to work day the two boys where like brothers because both their fathers had to go to do some secret government stuff. But that would change forever because the car parked in the SCP Foundation Site-23

Finish more later. I HAVE to clarify Dr. Hudson's name IS Conner Hudson the second and his sons name is Conner Hudson the third so not to be confused with.