It was seven-'o-clock at night. Personnel were arriving to the Club for the upcoming Christmas party hosted by Sulfurous. Doctor Drago sat against the disco floor with a can of cola on his hand, Doctor Sponge came over to him to ask what was wrong. Drago didn't reply to his concern, but then he struck up and chugged down the cola, "'Eyy, Sponge! Let's get this show onto the road!" When he said onto the road, he really meant it. Drago ran out of the building and across the street, to then be hit by a speeding car. Out came out of the car was several personnel. Not batting an eye at Drago, they walked into the Club. Sponge ran outside to be seen with Drago laying on the ground, he thought that the man died for a second there. But, knowing that Drago could survive a sudden force like that, he helped him up. Meanwhile as the party was starting, some staff members began to dance on the dance floor as the music raised louder each minute, others were chatting, perhaps even flirting, as they drank away the special beverages at the refreshments table. After a few moments, some personnel even got drunk, they began thrusting away, an O5 Command came near one of them and backed away slowly. Personnel got more drunk each second, Drago was chugging down each can as if it were nothing. He began hallucinating; seeing skeletons, or hearing voices on the moon, and even an apocalypse. Some people were selling drugs near shady corners of the bar, such as "ISD" a drug similar to LSD. Someone lit Young's suit on fire and he was bare naked, ignoring the fact that he had no clothes on him, he drank an entire liter of Mountain Dew while running around like an insane person before passing out. The Club was in chaos, a territory was created guarded by Security units ruled by an O5 Command, others struck up for revolution and overran the fortress. They wielded candy canes as weapons, and each time they struck, they shouted "HO HO HO". Drago sat down and wondered why all of this happening, then followed by seeing a nude Young chasing Wyvern (Who was not pleased) around,(let the records show that Wyvern had no clue as to what the actual hell was occurring being late) he shook his head and thought that he was high again. The table started to speak to him, then the snow that was lying around. Pentradox's message repeated over and over, "Wake up". He rose up to the ground to be awaken by the deserted bar and heard a voice.


"Pass the weed, Doctor Drago."

"Get the hell out of the bar it's been two days."