Due to several of the Foundation's Sites and Sectors (including Site-19 and Site-15) being attacked, several Euclid and Keter SCPs had to be relocated to Site-40. Site-40 is located in ███████, Germany twenty miles away from the town of ███████ . It's primary purpose was to be a warehouse for SCP that needed temporary relocation, but due to the surplus in hostile attacks is now being used as a research and containment site.

In this facility there are three sectors this site is under ground 2 main gates which lead down to the entrance and offices sector that includes three tesla gates when activated any object that passes though would be shocked and killed. During lockdowns these are activated to prevent any anomalies to escape.

Due the the fact that Dr. Spunky█████ has decided to make the place public there are no more key card doors left and there are constant containment breaches due to unauthorized roaming about.

Entrance Zone Edit

The entrance zone includes offices, meeting rooms, canteen, and power generators. There are two main gates gate A and B they both can be controlled in the surface. There are three tesla gates which would be activated when a lockdown would occur. They will send a high voltage energy shock to any objects trying to go through it when activated. There are two other gates from entrance zone that is the entrance of the Heavy Containment Zone(HCZ).

Heavy Containment Zone Edit

These include Euclid and Keter objects. The list of following SCPs are there. SCP-███ SCP-███ ect. There are 2 elevators leading to SCP-███ vacant cell while SCP-███ is located in another Chamber. There is a omega warhead that is a last resort to prevent SCP objects from escaping. It requires a level 5 clearance or above to open them. There are 2 gates leading to the light containment zone(LCZ).

Light Containment Zone. Edit

This place has some classed safe objects and some less harmful Euclid objects such as SCP-███ , SCP-███. There is a elevator leading to a bar for some site workers to chill out, the bar includes a ice-cream vending machine with several different flavors and a tap for drinks. There are also several Class D personal cells that require a level 2 clearance to open them.. The class D cells are close by to SCP-███ since it has to be often cleaned.

This place is made my Dr. Spunkykiller.