Character Information
Occupation(s) Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Active
Security Level Clearance [EXPUNGED]
Intelligence Quotient Unknown
Location(s) Area-27
Previous Location(s) Area-108
Working with Chaos Insurgency
Previously Worked with Unknown

Item #: 002-2

Object Class: Keter

Description: SCP-002-2 resembles a red toned character with red antennae's, they come from a 60 m³, and 2000 m³ standard low rent apartment building with a tumorous, and fleshy design with a iron valve hatch that leads to the interior of SCP-002. The room contains furniture which, upon close examination, appears to be sculpted bone, woven hair, and various other biological substances produced by the human body. All matter tested thus far show independent or fragmented DNA sequences for each object in the room.

Reference: From date to date SCP-002-2 is responsible for the disappearances of many foundation personnel, and combatives in different armed containment facilities such as Area-108, and 27. It has also in its time at the facility further furnished itself with two lamps, a throw rug, a television, a radio, a beanbag chair, three books in an unknown language, four children's toys, and a small potted plant. Testing of this SCP and the entities will need to be supervised and approved by an L4 or higher, and guarded with 3 recontainment units, and security. However these strange acts of the entities of SCP-002 have led to an interrogation with one of them by Special Agent Dark, and the questions are directing to founder and leader of BWK, Jasnax

Interrogation of Jasnax [BWK Founder] XX:47
Jasnax: So, shall we begin?
Doctor Geoffrey: Yes, I want to get this over with, in and out okay?
Jasnax: Fine..
Doctor Geoffrey: So, do you have any idea on what happened to the many missing personnel in the past month?
Jasnax: No, why.
Doctor Geoffrey: Oh really, because a lot of my agents have been talking to me about how you and your little "gang" was responsible for it.
Jasnax: And why the hell would they think that?
Doctor Geoffrey: Oh, I don't know probably because all of you guys are a massive threat to the foundation and not to mention that you're all keter entities.
Jasnax: Jeez, somebody didn't take their pills today.
Doctor Geoffrey: Look, I want you to come clean and admit that BWK is responsible for the deaths of numerous amounts of foundation personnel.
Jasnax: And why should I make a false claim?
Doctor Geoffrey: Because, we all know the answer to it, wrong or right.
Jasnax: Look kid, your starting to piss me off.
Doctor Geoffrey: I tend to do it a lot when it comes to my interrogations to make the suspect confess.
(Gunshots fired throughout S-1)
Doctor Geoffrey: *Transmitting* This Dark, what happened out there?!
(No reply)
Doctor Geoffrey: Look here, what is going on.
Jasnax: I don't need to explain..
Doctor Geoffrey: Why don't you!

That day BWK Tau-5 "The Silencers" breached in area-108 and cause mass chaos around the facility, Warheads were armed and detonated, all surviving personnel were evacuated. Until then BWK was heard of..........


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