Item #: SCP-9870

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-9870-1 is to be stored in a high security container at Site [REDACTED]. Level 4 and up may conduct tests with D-Class personnel. As of [REDACTED], no-one is to use SCP-9870-1 to open any door.

Description: SCP-9870-1 appears to be an old key, presumably made in the early 1900s. When used, it appears to open the door, yet the hallway branches into infinite, identical paths, which change layout every [REDACTED] minutes. The further one goes into the hallway, they will start to hallucinate creatures known as SCP-9870-2. The look of SCP-9870-2 changes, from simple humans to [DATA EXPUNGED]. At a certain point, SCP-9870-2 will become real, and attack the person inside the hallways.

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