Upon stating that, "Everyone here has lost it!" it becomes apparent that Subject Tesla-Young psyche has snapped, resulting in a last resort scenario in which he tried to attack SCP-[REDACTED]. Said confrontation ended with death to Subject Tesla-Young due to severing of the brain stem and mass damage to the frontal cortex. SCP-[REDACTED] was apparently killed, neutralizing it's anomalous effects. Its cause of death was due to the SCP-963-2 "Vengeance" event. SCP-963-2 was retrieved from the area and Subject Tesla-Young (registering under Identity 2/2) "Dr. T. Young" {GENERATION-89} was retrieved successfully without any further events.

NOTICE: Subject Tesla-Young did retain the severe psyche and mental trauma immediately after the "Rebirth" event when retrieving him from the revival machine, however, this was proven to be reversible by administration of amnestics, resulting in total memory loss of the event that caused this mental breakdown, including previous events leading up to the loss in mentality entirely, starting with when he last woke up from a state of sleep/unconsciousness. He was released from the SCP-963-2 recovery ward at 17:00 EST, the same date as the death event (only an hour later), with full mental recovery and no signs of further anomalies.

Mental analysis and location records were reviewed, the cause of this flawed mental state was due to a private confrontation by O5-1 "FRACTURED LOYALTY", complaining of slight "heartbreak". It is unknown if this was due to a relationship between a fellow coworker of "Dr. T. Young" or if this was solely caused by O5-1 herself. After said confrontation, his iris colour was noted to change from bright blue, to a dull gray, to a sterling silver colour, followed by him spontaneously begin engineering a mechanical arm for a Junior Researcher "Rick", though no known person in the main database is named that, however, in an O5 access-only vitrified database accessible by Subject II Tesla-Young reports that there was a one match, a coworker of Subject Tesla-Young {GENERATION 0/PRE-EXPOSURE TO SCP-963-2} (Under identity 1/2 Professor Nikola Tesla, L-5 CLEARANCE). Records state that he lost his arm during testing. It is still unknown as to how he lost it, though records state his arm was "burnt off" during Tesla's first "Fire Alloy" (later to be known as "Adurite") experiment, causing him to lose his left arm half way between the shoulder and elbow. Rick died at the age of 27, three weeks after the first "Dr. T. Young" identity was recovered, Tesla-Young {GENERATION 1}, which is also listed as the first incarnation after the initial death of Subject Tesla-Young. Due to the minimal importance of the "Rick" entity, which should have been forgotten by him, this was left out of most revisions of this document. Though this is the first mental breakdown where Tesla-Young was reported to believe a former assistant of his was still alive after they died. Further analysis may be necessary to ensure his mind does not become permanently corrupted by these ancient memories.




~Written by Dr. T. Young (DjPika)

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