Document: SCP-8000 Clearance: Level 5

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8000 is contained in a alternate universe, entry is via portal in SIte-19.

In the universe, SCP-8000 is contained in [REDACTED] gallons of holy water, a 10,000 ton blast door, [REDACTED] liters of decontanimation gas, and a 6x6 boron carbide cube. No-one other than Class-D are to enter the universe. If SCP-8000 breaches, site nuclear warheads are to be activated immediatly. MTF are to lure SCP-8000 to the portal for recontainment.

Description: SCP-8000, in it's default state, looks like a Ancient Greek warrior around the age of 24. SCP-8000 will shapeshift to attempt to break out of current containment at the time.

SCP-8000 is immune to damage, but can be knocked out via a warhead. It is docile, until a human walks 500 meters from SCP-8000. SCP-8000 will attempt to destroy the human, and will eat their remains, if sucessful. SCP-8000 will break through any material other than boron carbide. The reason behind this is unknown.

Addendum 1:

SCP-8000 is quite possibly more dangerous than SCP-682. Use of SCP-8000 to terminate SCP-682 is yet to be annouced.

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