Item #: SCP-4000 "Griffin"


Safe version of photo in SCP-4000.

Object Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures:

SCP-4000 must be kept in box all time and containment chamber must be 5*5*5 meters. Every 3 days, SCP-4000 must be cleaned by Class D Personel and be careful with SCP-4000. SCP-4000 may be dirty, because of dust. Class D Personel mustn't look on SCP-4000. The "painting" must be cleaned by sprecial machine near SCP-4000's chamber.


SCP-4000 is a "painting" with dark-drown frame. On this photo, decipted cartoon Griffin(probably, Gustave le Grand). He's stading in front of human with sad face. He has got chief hat and red tie. When Class D saw this image first, he can't get heart attack, but after four or six times, he can feel, somebody breathing behind him or feel somebody holding his shoulder. Also, heartbeat increases from normal 60-80 to ██ bpm. When subject D - [Enter your number], blinking, he can see SCP-4000 on several seconds. When subject D - [Enter ur number again], watched S2E24(MLP:FIM), D - █████ can see more images with SCP-4000.

P.S This is a joke :D

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