RRT, (Rapid Response Team): The Rapid Response Team is known as one of the Foundation's most classified divisions

RRT typically has a Director and a Deputy Director, under direct leadership of O5-X and the Administrator.

The Rapid Response Team is a collection of individuals who have either been hand selected or proved themselves to be efficient in Combat, Protection, and Re-Containment. The "RRT" is not an official addition to the SCP Lore, and was a brainchild produced by people in the ROBLOX SCPF Community. The RRT is usually considered Classified for no other reason other than to increase morale of Operatives. However, in some cases, RRT is responsible for things such as the containment of classified SCP objects.

This RRT force makes no sense to canon at all though. It's almost identicial to the mobile task force squadron E-11.

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