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The Stone has took a toll on the SCP Foundation.

After the terrible events at Site 95, the permanently infected would be taken to Research Area 67.

Among the group of beasts were a group of four, healthy SCP Personnel.

Dr. Lindell, Dr. Realm, Dr. Akuma, and Dr. Indago.

This is their story.


Indago felt cold inside his chamber. With stone walls, metal flooring, and a large blast door keeping him from freedom. One huge cell for one regular man. "It's a misunderstanding," Indago groaned to the speakers and the surveillance cameras watching him. "Three months, and you've held me here!" He yelled, chained to a wall, trying to break free. Sometimes he wished he was an infected, so he can have more strength to break the chains and try to escape and kill his captors. But he wasn't. It really was a misunderstanding. He and three others have only once come in contact with the stone- they accidentally bumped into this masked man with a knife and this girl with a beanie and this guy with dark shaggy hair. The group of four were though to be infected when they resisted to be contained, and they were taken in truckloads to Area 67 with hordes of other beasts. It was hell in the cell. Minimum food. Minimum comfort.

And no escape.


Lindell new exactly what was going on. Indago and Realm portrayed extremely violent behavior when staff approached them after the Site-95 indecent. It was fair to assume they were infected or experiencing symptoms far after the indecent had occurred. Lindell and Akuma were smart on the other hand. They had blood drawn and answered some questions. They were just being kept for a weeks worth of monitoring. Lindell didn't appreciate the fact that two of his friends were in containment chambers. Humans have a life-span, whether or not how full you live it- it's short. A year, month, week out of your life could be regretted in the future. He didn't like that Realm and Indago were rotting. He was plotting to free them on his own, but little did he know, he wouldn't have to.

Akuma glanced at Lindell from across the conjoining dorm. "What're you thinking?" she asked him. "I'm just a little concerned about Realm and Indago. "Don't be!" she sputtered, kicking back onto her mattress. "They can take care of themselves!" Lindell clapped his hand onto his knee. "But that's the problem- how can they when they're being chained to walls twenty four seven? They're still displaying symptoms, unlike us, which makes them anomalies to those researchers out there."

"Those researchers are no different than us. We do our job- get it done- and move along. In fact- if we weren't in here for daily tests and shit, we might be out there assisting with that research." Lindell strode toward the locked door. "Aren't you a little worried? This is Heavy Containment Area-67. We're not in some dinky storage site. They're obviously concerned about Realm and Indago- and I don't want to know what they might do to them!"

Akuma let out a long sigh. She pushed herself up in her bed. "What're you going to do Lindell? Even if we go see them- they'll still be tests going on and they'll probably just fill us with tranquilizers and send us back here the moment they see us." She sat and the end of her bed- her hand rested on the nightstand drawer. Lindell had a dark and saddened expression on his face. Akuma let a disgusted snort and pulled the drawer open. "If it's really that important to you-", she pulled a magnum from the drawer. "we can go give it a shot. What's life without a little fun?"

"Where the hell did you get that?" Lindell jumped at the though of Akuma with a pistol. "The first night we got here- remember the pat-down and body search? When Realm and Indago went all berserk on that one dude? The body search guy took my knife away- so I took his magnum to replace it. For a 'Heavy Containment Site', the security is surprisingly weak."

Akuma stood up and moved towards the locked glass door. She loaded the Magnum and pressed it against the door. Firing it, she shattered the glasses. It erupted every which way- blinding the rooms guard. She whipped it around- pistol whipping his head. There was a crack- and the guard fell to the ground. Lindell ran up behind her- stunned. "Are you stupid? You just attacked a guard- we'll never get out of here now!" Bending over he examined the guard. "Good- he's just unconscious." Akuma scoffed. "Does it matter? This is what you wanted- were out now and I'm following your lead." Akuma stepped back a single time. "Apart from one bit- we aren't going back and you don't gun the gun."

"Actually that's two, two bits."


Indago stared at the floor in his temporary containment. "You're all idiots! I'm not infected- I don't look like any of the infected- use your god damn eyes! Let me out!" Researchers stared in through the window- growing more convinced that he was experiencing a smaller effect provided by the stone. The door to the viewing room slid open for a brief second, allowing a man to enter, before it shut once more.

A gray haired man walked in- his shaggy facial hair stretching down to his chest. It was the lead executive of Area-67. "Research is good I presume?" he asked to no one in particular, setting his jacket on a chair. "Indeed, Mr. Melody." answered a female researcher. "We've noted aggression as a possible side effect of the anomaly. We've concluded a list of the immune. These are people who were at the location of the indecent- but have displayed no notable symptoms."

"Before I hear the list- do you know why they're immune?" Melody asked. "No sir- we just know they are. "We think we may have accidentally conducted two of them into our system. They arrived Indago." The researched nodded to the screaming and flailing man in the containment. "Anyways- the immune list is on that table if you care to look."

"Is the anomaly itself secure here yet- has it been provided SCP-hood?" The researcher shook her head, no. "The anomaly disappeared during the indecent. It's thought to still be somewhere around the Site- but we can't find it." Melody sighed. "Strange - very strange..." The executive was cut off when his radio began to crackle.

"Sir - there's been a breach of security by dorm sector B!"

The executive sputtered. "Elaborate, damnit!" He hissed into the radio.

"We - we think two our dorm guests - Doctor Lindell and Akuma - have went hostile!"

"Who the hell are th-" Indago seemed to scream. The executive glanced at Indago. The executive then smirked. "Quickly, bring this - Akuma and Lindell- to Temporary Anomaly Containment Sector 7. I think we have made a breakthrough."


Akuma skipped along happily in front of Lindell who appeared to be worried her 'don't give a shit' attitude would give them away. "Aren't you worried we're going to get caught?" he hissed through bared teeth. "I have a gun- I don't care. I'd be more worried if I were you. After all- you are unarmed. If anyone shows up- you'll just be shot down." Akuma's shitty attitude didn't help Lindell from his worries.

"Now- tell me where they are." She said to him. "How the hell would I know? We haven't seen where they were put. Probably some... temporary containment area." Akuma scoffed, "You're saying you had us bust out just so we could wander aimlessly around one of the biggest sites the Foundation has in its custody?"

"Well I-" Akuma cut him off near instantly. "Shut up- I can fix things." Opening the next door- she walked up to a man eating his lunch on a bench. Smacking the sandwich out of his hand caused the man to jump. She grabbed him by the head and slammed it against the wall. Pulling him forward- he rolled out of the bench falling onto his sandwich- causing it to ooze an unknown sauce. "Do you know where they're doing research on the 'infected'? Those people who came in a few days ago?"

The chubby man was wide eyed and terrified- but stubborn and good with secrets. "I- why would I tell you? You must be one of them!" Akuma stopped him from standing and put her hand around his neck. "Listen- you're going to tell us where to go."

"No I'm not!" He coughed, leaning over to his side created the beep of a radio. "Gary- help! I'm down in the Staff Enjoyment and Enrichment Center! I need help!" The radio beeped in return. "Uh- I'm still in your office- I've actually been trying to contact you all day. Can you give me the code- I got your jacket for you like you asked." Akuma punched the mans face- and pulled her magnum out. Holding it right to the guys head scared him. "Tell him the code..." she hissed. "Uh- Gary, the code is one-one-four-nine. Just- wait at my office- I'm going to-" Akuma cracked his head against the floor and grabbed his name tag. She arose- kicked his face again for good measures- and began towards the office sector.

A scrawny ginger kid, Gary, held a new jacket and pushed in one one four nine into the code button. The door beeped to the side, opening. Suddenly, Gary felt a sharp jab in his back. He jerked his head over shoulder, only to see a red-haired girl holding a pistol to his back. "Where is the infected containment sector?" Akuma growled. Gary sputtered. "Where. Is. It. Gary?" Akuma hissed. "It - it- here.." Gary slowly reached for his backpack and pulled out a map of the Area. "Good.." Lindell grabbed the map from him. "Alright, let's scram!" Lindell said, running off. Akuma smiled. "Alright, kid," Akuma took her pistol off his back and walked off. Gary still stood there, shivering.

Lindell glanced at Akuma. "Did you have to scare him like that?" He asked. Akuma shrugged. "Here." Lindell laid a finger onto a point in the map. "This is where they're holding Indago and Realm. Got enough bullets?" Lindell asked. Akuma nodded. "We'll take out the main security and get to the control room - which is here." He pointed at another area in the map.

Akuma smiled. "Everythings going swell." She said. They met a dark corridor that had a door on the other side reading, 'ANOMALY CONTAINMENT ZONE A'.

"Bingo." Akuma whispered.