We won. No, it isn't suppose to sound cocky, I'm just stating that we won.

Just a little project RedFlamingDrago and Nanubot are making for this Halloween contest. Stay tuned. Story contains explict language and violence, you have been advised. It's pretty long, but stay till' the end!

-Dr. Drago [RedFlamingDrago] and Dr. Malfrous [Nanubot]


"It’s been forever since I’ve seen the light… Ironic...the last thing I saw was the light. A great flash. And a world of pain that followed… And now, I awaken to a new light…Redemption."

-Doctor Malfrous

Beneath the violent rain the storm had brung, the hooded figure stood before a curved stone poking from the ground. A flash of light and the roar of thunder allowed the single word, engraved onto the stone's flat surface, to be seen.


The hooded figure dug a rusty shovel into the ground before the stone, and unearthed a coffin. Next to it was a small box. With the help of a few other masked men, they heaved the coffin out of the ground. The surrounding trees provided proper concealment, enough to allow them to escape from the night, taking the coffin and the box away as the deafening rumble of thunder carried on throughout the night.

Carrying the coffin that had the corpse of Malfrous within it, the sound of the thunder grew louder. The hooded figure planned to burn Malfrous. Not knowing what Malfrous' remains looked like, they opened up the top of the coffin with a rusty crowbar. The hooded figure stared at the corpse with a traumatized look on his face. The appearance of Malfrous was decayed, scars and bloody covering him. After the impact of the explosion, he lost a quarter of his face, including his mask and part of his spine was exposed, followed by his old personnel uniform, which was torn, revealing the rotting flesh of his remains.

The men dropped the box in horror. Panicking, the hooded man welding the crowbar, attacked the corpse, calming down shortly after stabbing the body with the crowbar, he left the weapon in Malfrous' chest. The crowbar, posed as a lightning rod, allowed itself to be struck by lightning. The force of impact sent them all flying, the hooded figure's hood flew back, and he ran as fast as he could. Suddenly, there was a terrible groan. Malfrous' head jerked up, and suddenly he jumped out of the coffin. Malfrous let out a terrible scream that overcame the roar of the thunder.

Running through the forest in the rain, the men stopped to catch their breath. They wore matching black uniforms along with vests, there was a logo tagged on their uniforms. The Chaos Insurgency. After moments of silence, one of them spoke. "What the hell happened back there?!" he shouted.

"We brought that...that thing back to life."

"That was one of the stupidest things we've done."

"WE'VE done? It was our damn boss that did it, not us!"

"Yeah, nice idea boss. Impaling something made out of titanium into a dead person's chest during a thunderstorm!"

The 'boss' pulled his hood over his head and growled. He approached the man that said the statement and pinned him against a nearby tree. "Don't fucking mess around with me, I was scared, alright? The masked man seemed....." the man paused. "Alive." The goon "I-I'm sorry boss. Just please, let me go" apologized the man. The hooded person then let go of the man. The men were terrified of the one behind of the hood, he was no human. He was an unknown creature. He was specified as AIRK-01.

There was a roar, but not of the thunder. "It's coming," AIRK announced. "Get to the truck...I have an idea."The men glanced at each other, frightened looks on their faces. They rushed into the direction they parked the van, as Malfrous limped after them at terrifying speeds.

"Hurry the fuck up! It's coming!" AIRK shouted. The men nearly trampled each other trying to reach the van. As they reached their destination, they drove off.

"Did we lose it?"

"Not sure, you never know whe--"

Before he could finish his sentence, a decayed arm pulled his leg towards the backdoors of the van. "Shit!" screamed the thug. As he tries to kick the arm away, the other goons try to help. "What the fuck is going on back there?!" AIRK shouted. "Malfrous is still in the van!" cried the man trying to escape. One of them searches for a weapon to strike Malfrous, he opens the compartment of ammunition and finds a double-barreled shotgun along with slugs. As he reloads it, Malfrous is still pulling the man to his death. "I got it reloaded!" shouted the goon. "Well?! What the hell are you waiting for, shoot it!" yelled AIRK. The man holding the shotgun fired, in one blow, Malfrous was knocked off and released the man. "Hah hah! We got it!" he laughed. Shortly after, Malfrous rised once again.

As he got up, he dashed toward the moving van and then leaped on top of it. The sound of the roof the van startled the men. "What the hell was that?" one of them said

"Fuck, he got back up!"

There was footsteps being heard above them, they were frozen in fear. Then it stopped for a minute, until the gruesome undead creature shattered the glass, and lunged toward them. The van did a sharp turn into a ditch, and crashed.

Everything went to silence.

Midnight, the men were all knocked out from the crash. One of them, awakening, with a blurry vision, he encounters a terrible sight. Blood splattered on the window. The man looked outside, looking for help. Suddenly, he saw a dark figure on the hood of the car. Sitting there was a man in a torn, white suit. Ripped apart black mask, and terrible green eyes. The man blinked, and the figure disappeared.

One month later, it was midnight on October 31st. Halloween.The Foundation was hosting a Halloween party at Site-██. In the distance, a helicopter can be heard. Within the helicopter were members of the Security Department after one of Security Captain Drago's trainings. "I told you that we should have done the training tomorrow." Karver complained to Drago, jumping out of the copter. As usual, trainings hosted by Drago don't really go as well as they are planned. The training didn't go so smoothly, a part of the people that showed up for the training arrived late, some of them didn't cooperate with the orders instructed. This is regular for one of Drago's trainings, Security Department units nowadays are usually slacking off, sometimes because they gained a high enough rank good enough for themselves. Back to to subject of Halloween, Drago originally wanted them to arrive early, so they could arrive to the party on time, but because of the delay, they are an hour late.  "C'mon, we're late. We better not keep the others waiting." Drago said, jumping out of the copter and following Karver to 40-2.

When they arrive to the surface of Site-██, they rushed their way into the building and towards the cafeteria. Meanwhile, a disturbance, Malfrous, neared Site-██ Creeping his way toward Gate A, three Level-2 personnel encountered Malfrous while standing out in front of the entrance into the building. "Hey man! That costume is totally sick!" shouted one of them from across the road. Malfrous twitched, and limped faster towards them. "Hey uh, you're freaking me out a bi--" the man looked down into his chest... there was now a bloody knife, it's tip stuck into the middle of his chest. He fell to the ground bleeding, and Malfrous pulled his knife back out and glanced at the others.  He locked his gaze on one L-2, his eyes glowing a dim green. The L-2 ran toward the control room, quickly turned on the microphone and began to speak.

"Attention all units - we got some kind of hostile at Gate A! I repeat, we got a hos-" He froze in fear after hearing several footsteps behind him. He slowly turned around, and there was nothing. Turning back towards control panel, he continues to talk. "Please..." He whispered. "Send hel-" He felt a terrible pain in the back of his head. Malfrous had stuck a knife there. He fell to the floor,causing the knife to dig into his head deeper. The last thing he saw was blackness, and  the sound of Malfrous' footsteps getting softer. 

Drago didn't like one thing about Halloween; pranks. Two years ago, Hudson placed laxatives into Drago's coffee. Hudson ended up in the hospital for two days. Since then, no one pulls pranks on Drago. "So, who do you think pulled that joke on the PA System?" questioned Mitchel. "I'm guessing some stupid Level-1." answered Colms. "Well, the message received from the intercom sounded..." a long pause "Realistic..." replied Soni. The others laughed at Soni's reply.

"I'm serious guys! I could hear the clear sounds of a sharp, metallic object peircing someones neck!"

"Just chill bro, they just used special effects to emit the sounds." explained Killer

"Well, I guess that could be true. But none of us know for sure."

"Anything can be explained... by SCIENCE!" shouted Young from across the cafeteria

Drago got up from his seat shortly after the conversation ended, and walked toward the exit of the cafeteria. He went into the WC and splashed water into his face at the sink, looking up at the mirror, he sees something. A familiar figure, could it be...Malfrous? The figure got closer with each step and then...

"Hey Drago!" J.J. Dragon greeted.

Drago spun around only to see J. J.

"GAH! Don't startle me like that!" Drago yelled at him.

"What got you all paranoid?"

"I feel like I'm being watched..."

Drago glanced at the mirror. Nothing. Just himself and J. J standing there like fools.

"Drago's a scaredy cat, Drago's a scaredy cat!" J. J taunted childishly.

"Shut up." Drago pushed him away and stormed off. 

J. J stood there in the WC, laughing like hell. "Ha! Security Captain Drago is a little scaredy ca- ARGH!" J. J felt a terrible pain in his shoulder. "Son of a-" Suddenly, a bloody fist rammed into his face, sending him flying to the floor, unconscious.

Drago re-entered the cafeteria, a bit shaken. Drago re-greeted everyone and sat back down, his worried face was visible. "Something wrong, Drago?" asked Colms. "No, I'm alright..." answered Drago. "You look like you saw a ghost or something." commented Schrodinger while arriving to the table. Behind him was Young chilling around with his drink. "Heh, he does." agreed Young. "No, I thought I saw...Malfrous behind me after looking up in the mirror. He seemed... undead." explained Drago. Followed by that was laughter. "Stop trying to scare us like that, it's not going to work that easy. I mean, c'mom Drago, we SAW the corpse with our very eyes. He can't just magically reappear." replied Colms. "Heh, yeah, Who are you going to encounter next? Woods or Hudson? Ha!" laughed Mitchell. "Whatever, in my vision I saw a figure behind me that resembles a zombiefied version of Malfrous." remarks Drago.

Then, something strange happened. The facility went into darkness. "Hah, hah. Very funny, now turn the lights back on." said Drago. No response. Everyone inside the cafeteria all panicked about the lights turned off. They all talked at once.

"What the hell happened with the lights?"


"Oh great, let me guess. A power outage."

"I'm going to fucking stab whoever did that."

"Steb, steb, steb."

Armed with a flashlight, Drago ventured off into the facility. "This place is fucking creepy when the power out. Another breach? Ironic. That's how a quarter of my friends died." Drago wandered off, talking to himself. "Can't even manage one single fucking statue..." Drago said, talking to himself. He reached to the maintenance room, and hears a sinister growl behind him. "Who the hell is there?!" yelled Drago, looking behind him. "It better not be you, Dragon." Continuing on, he rebooted the lighting systems, and they was a loud hum, and the lights turned back on. "Succe-" He was suddenly stabbed in the right shoulder. A bloody knife, held by a black, bloody and torn glove. "Agh, shit!" he said, backing away from Malfrous. Malfrous pulled the knife out, and watched as Drago reloads his FiveSeven. "Malfrous, is that you?" Malfrous stood there, staring. "Talk to me, Malfrous!" Malfrous growled and charged at Drago, forcing him to fire mercilessly at him. Malfrous was sent flying and fell to the ground. Drago approuched Malfrous and nudged him with his foot. Suddenly, Malfrous jumped up and grabbed Drago by the leg., "Fuck! How are you still alive?!" shouted Drago. Then Malfrous gave him a swift stab into the lower leg area. "SHIT!." And then he shot Malfrous's arm. He was released, and ignoring the pain, Drago ran away as fast as he could.

Stopping by the Medbay, he encounters Bush. "Oh hey! Uh...what happened to you?" asked Bush. "You don't need to know, just bandage me up." replied Drago. "Um...alrighty then." Bush tended to Drago quickly and efficiently, and his wounds were healed. Drago stood up and held a walkie-talkie to his mouth.

"Attention. All Security Department units. Please report to Gate A."

A half hour later, they arrived. "Shoulder to Shoulder!" All armed units stood in a perfectly orderly line. "Permission to speak is now in order!" ordered Drago. "Alright men. Today we wi--"

"Permission to speak sir?" questioned Karver.


"What's with the bandages?"


"Oh sure."

"...It was Malf-"

"Ugh, again with the Malfrous stuff? Is that why you called us here?" whined Colms.

"Continuing on, I have called all of you here to...terminate Malfrous. As you know already, he's dead. But somehow, he's back...but not in the way we wanted him to be... and now he's on a killing spree. So prepare your equipment!"

A few minutes later, the men arrived back at Gate A, armed with FN P90s, Vests and Flashlight helmets. Once again, the lights turned off. Pitch darkness. "See? That's what these are for." explained Drago. He then enables his flashlight, and told the others to go into the facility.

They all had radios on them. Monitoring all of them through the a camera system on their helmets, Drago watched closely. They were split into 2 groups. The experienced, and the inexperienced. Venturing on, Malfrous was creeping through the facility, stalking the men. "Uh..did you hear that?" asked a recruit. "Shh...get ready to fire it's going to atta-- HOLY SHIT!" screamed a Security Guard. The guard's security system shut off, and all that was heard was screaming. Turning back, the others screamed before one of them being stabbed through his skull. They began firing their weapons. Drago monitoring the cameras was seeing all of this happen, "Shit...two down already." Drago said quietly while drinking his non-laxative coffee.

Soon, the whole squad fell to Malfrous. Static from the cameras was all that Drago could new see. He then switches to the other team, they were being stalked. "It's near, we better start moving!" shouted Karver. "Move it! Don't turn back!". The men ran as far as possible from the beast, they proned and aimed. "Alright, get ready to fire on my call..."




Malfrous lunged toward them after leaving a letting out a terrible roar. "FIRE!" shoutes Karver, all of the men rapidly fired bullets into Malfrous. "Grenade!" shouted Soni, as he threw the tactical grenade toward the creature. It stunned him for a minute, they men continued to run. "So, Drago was being serious." said Colms. "Yeah!" stopping to catch his breath "No shit!" said Mitchell. Then it got up, everyone turned toward Malfrous and fired. Malfrous escaped from plain sight."We have over thirty-two personnel, there are only a few remaining helicopters, we don't enough guns." said Karver. Through the radio, Drago replied. "I have an might sound stupid. But it might just work."

"We finish what Malfrous started."


"If we're doing this, we're doing it my way. Tell command to open 096's chamber."

The men lead Malfrous into the Heavy Containment Zone, running as fast as they can, risking not to be torn apart by Malfrous, they reached their destination. Standing at the now opened gate, they spun around. They watched as Malfrous ran toward them. "Stand guard, men." Drago said. Drago dodged as Malfrous ran by, sending Malfrous toppling into the 096 chamber. "COMMAND, CLOSE THE GATE!" Malfrous screamed and jumped up, running for the doorway. The door shut in an instant before he could escape.

Drago stood at the doorway, listening to the terrible screams and banging from inside the chamber.

"Warheas detonating under T-Minus 10 seconds, all personnel evacuate now."

The other men made a run for it, while Drago stood there, motionless. "C'mon, Drago, move!" They pulled him from the doorway and...

They ran up the stairs.


They ran across the catwalk.


They ran through. the hallways


They entered the entrance zone.


They ran through more hallways.


Escape was nearing.


Gate A is in sight.


They go up the elevator.


They reach the light of day.

Drago and the other men ran towards the helicopter. They jumped inside, shouting at the pilot to go. The helicopter rose up, and as they got to a safe distance, the site exploded in a large mushroom of flames.

And thus, it ended as Drago looked at the ruins of the site.

"Goodbye, old friend...."

A single tear dropped, and fell onto the ruins of Site-██.

And a single hand shot out from the rubble. A black, torn glove. With a bloody knife in hand.