Dr. Colms sat silently, watching as his colleges prepared to enter the cabinet maze. Earlier in the year an idea was brought up by a Head Researcher to explore and attempt to map out SCP-432. Dr. Colms, disliking the idea, still had no say in it. The ScD and SD administrative branches approved of the task and were more than willing to collect a group of healthy volunteers and D-Class for the job. Their goal was to pinpoint every exact spot within the maze to tell exactly where one is at all times.

"Are you sure you're up for this," Colms asked his friend Dr. Tesar, "It's quite dangerous inside that maze. We've already realized that after the first few explorations. I mean- we really have no need to dig any farther into it." Tesar knew Colms was simply trying to get him to back out. If people Colms didn't know or care for were going in, he'd have no problem. This was different though. The people who Colms had trained with, worked with, had fun with- they were heading into an unsure fate.

"Cody, if you really have that big of a problem why don't you keep contact with us over the radio, or better yet, come with us?" Colms shook his head silently and headed to the control room. Gazing down from the thick glass, he stared at the large team of volunteers and D-Class. In fact, it appeared that all of the volunteers had their own D-Class. That evened it out to eighteen people even. They were all equipped with video cameras, luminous chalk sticks, high calorie energy bars, and a plastic bottle of water. The two people leading the expedition carried special headsets, radios, revolvers, and more special equipment.

Philip Tesar and Becky Sindell waved farewell to Dr. Colms as they door of the corroding cabinet opened.


"Can you believe Cody didn't come?" Tesar asked Sindell. "I know right? He's okay, but he's kind of a wuss sometimes." The expedition leaders turned to address Tesar and Sindell. "We're not here to insult our co-workers. Could you all just be quiet? You're going to use up your energy blabbing on about something unimportant."

D-2744 began to slow down. "What's the problem?" Asked a male researcher. "Er-," D-2744 sped up her pace when she realized she was being watched, "Nothing really, just this place is a bit odd. Just a bit- creepy." D-2742 laughed. "You're scared? You told everyone at lunch that you murdered your entire family to get here and yet you're scared of the dark!"

"I'm not scared! I just said it was a little creepy!"

"Jesus Christ," the captain started again, "We've been in here for two minutes and the D-Class are already bickering. 'Ey, you two need to settle down. If there's another fight there'll be consequences." His hand rested on his sidearm.