Another Day: Dr. Parkswood, which was me, turned out to be bored, at the Foundation, Some things were interesting, some were not, I guess civilians were just toying around with the SCP's, I think it was a bad idea, I guess that's how things are? No? Alright, I'd guess that before, Site-40 was good, But now, it was fucking hell, Civilians? No? They, they are know, They are bored too, But I was just at my computer, doing some scientific research on Euclid and Keter SCP's, I'd went and talk to Dr. Malfrious, We had a serious and engaging conversation, I had a terrible feeling, A containment breach sitewide occurred, A voice of the PA system announced: The Site is Experincing Multiple Keter and Euclid Level Containment Breaches, force site lockdown initiated! I'd felt a eerie, cold feeling in my guts, That feeling wasn't good, Hell, I'd escape to Gate-A with Dr. [REDACTED] Colms, We'd be out of the facility, SCP-106 broke out, Attacked several personnel, Do I care? NO! Ugh, I'm tired sometimes, I don't need to know anymore.