Incident Report

Site: Site 13, ████████, Sweden

MTF Unit: Beta-7, AKA Maz Hatters

MTF Team Leader: B7-Captain

MTF Members: B7-1, B7-2, B7-3, B7-4, B7-5, B7-6

Subject: SCP-008, SCP-008-2

(Helmet Camera Footage)

--Begin Video Feed---

B7-Cap: We are entering the facility, watch out for any infected.

B7-1-6: Copy

"Helmet cam of B7 walking through the main gate, the door wide open"

B7-3: Should we report this, sir?

B7-Cap: Yes, B7-5, get on the radio and tell command that we have a possible breach outside site, air support needed to eliminate any stragglers.

B7-5: Affirmative.

"B7-5 calls MTF command, a screech is heard inside"

B7-Cap: Guns up, safety off.

"Camera shows the squad looking towards the entrance into the site"

B7-Cap: You two.

"Points at B7-1 and B7-2"

B7-Cap: Stay out here, B7-2, get on the comms ASAP. 

"Camera shows the rest of B7 walking up in a V formation, headlights illuminate anything within 10 metres. A glisten is spotted in the distance"

B7-Cap: Hold, target 40 metres, B7-3, approach target. 

"Camera shows movement of B7-3 towards the target. Camera shows mutilated body, eyes giving the glisten"

B7-3: Target is dead, infected got to him.

"Movement is spotted behind B7-4, infected personnel rushing towards B7-4"


"Camera shudders as gunfire is heard and visible. Infected jumps on B7-4 clawing off the helmet and biting onto B7-4's face. Infected is killed by a spray of bullets"

B7-5: Shit, he's dead.

"B7-3'a camera shows B7-Cap shooting B7-4 multiple times in the head"

B7-Cap: Now he is, move up, they know we are here so be cautious, report anything unusual.

"Footage shows B7 moving through the L-CZ. Horde of infected run towards the group, screeching"


"Guns are being fired with no indication of stopping. B7-6 turns right to a door, audible screams heard. Door collapses with 20 contacts ramming into B7-6. Camera turns to the new contacts, being fired upon. Body of B7-6 is unidentifiable, status announced as KIA"


"B7-5 and 3 Run to the entrance, cornered by infected, pulling back to the cafeteria. B7-Cap is visible 10 metres running towards the door. Visibility is lost as infected pile on top of B7-Cap. B7-5 closes the door to the cafeteria and sits down"

B7-3: B7-2, this is B7-3, status is okay, with B7-5, but we have lost the captain, B7-6 and 4, over.

"Static is audible"

B7-3: I repeat, status is okay, but not for long and we have 3 KIA, over.

"Static is audible, then a growl"

B7-5: They are gone, infected must have ambushed them when we fired.

B7-3: Fucking hell, we need to get out and hold the entrance until back up arrives.

"Camera shows B7-5 going towards vent, taking off the cover"

B7-5: Over here.

"B7-3 and 5 move through the vent and are at the entrance vent. B7-5 pushes off the cover and is quickly pulled out. A scream is audible and a crunch"

B7-3: Fuck (whisper).

"Rest of footage shows B7-3 holding off infected through the vent. Then at 2 hours, a helicopter is audible with machine gun fire. B7-3 looks outside and rushes to helicopter as it lands. Footage cuts"

---End Video Feed---