He was only 7 years old, It was 'Bring your child to work day' He could hear the screams of other Doctors and his father screaming "Conner get back here it's not safe!!" young Hudson could see a young Malfrous crying and his father being ripped apart by SCP-096. Hudson was a very smart boy he proceeded to young Malfrous. Young Woods and his father and also Hudson's father squealing at him to come back Young Hudson put his hand on young Malfrous shoulder "Hey, it's gonna be alright. The medical guys will help him, but for now we need to go!" They were able to escape the facility. Young Malfrous mother ran up to him and hugged him tight "How did you escape?" She questioned while sobbing "That guy over there helped me" He pointed to young Dr. Hudson "Thank you" She said and she took Malfrous away "Hey wait up!" Hudson said. Mrs Malfrous stopped and turned to young Hudson. He said he wanted to talk to him "Hey, I'll always be your friend." "Until the end?" "Until the end" he reassured him.