Dr.J.J.Dragon was at the Site-72 cafeteria with Dr.Young eating lunch.None of them spokefor the whole time.Then Dr.Young asked Dr.J.J.Dragon"How did you get in the foundation."Dr.J.J.Dragon then gulped the food in his mouth and responded with "you sure you wanna hear it, it is a pretty long story."Dr.Yound replied with "Yeah i got nothing else to do."

Dr.J.J.Dragon started the story with" So I was on my daily walk at 6:00 Am-."Dr.Young interrupted by asking "You take walks at 6:00 in the morning" Dr.J.J.Dragon answered with" Yes I do and I still do the walk, so as I was saying I was on my daily walk at 6:00 Am, listening to my radio when I accidently got into the foundation MTF radio station and I heard they were talking about a forest that was right next where I was walking, so I decided to investigate." Dr.J.J.Dragon took another bite of his sandwich. Dr.J.J.Dragon started continuing his story with food in his mouth "So I started running to the forest, wait." Dr.J.J.Dragon then gulped down the rest of his sandwich." So I ran to the forest, then I saw the MTF men, they had big guns and body armor, but none of them spotted me, so I continued following them then we got to a part of the woods where lets just say some crazy stuff happens so I reached for my Glock 22.Then I heard on the radio, one of the MTF say" I think I see SCP-1000"

this is cancer

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