Name: Dr. "Dj" █████ Young

Security Clearance: Level 4

Occupation: Co-Director of the Science Department

Location: [REDACTED BY O5-1]


Dr. Young was recruited into the Foundation when scoring high on a survey released to recruit future protocol developers, scoring the highest of the twenty people surveyed. He was inducted as a researcher and scientist on █/█/████, and has since then prevented a total of [REDACTED] potential containment breaches. On █/██/████, his studies on how SCP-173 transports itself earned Dr. Young the position of the first Head Researcher of the Foundation.

Dr. Young always wears a bright red top hat made of a metal known as adurite, being noted to be "solid fire", and occasionally a variety of other hats and accessories to make it stand out, and wears a matching suit. His top hat is known to store light medical equipment, including several instances of SCP-500.

He is known to have a strong mental state and is known to have hemophobia, the fear of blood and gore.






SCP-1259-RU Expedition #1 - (Hand-drawn)


Notes: Dr. Young is known to be in the Security Department, though not often trusted with a gun due to his "overly good" aim.

He cannot stand having his hat used as a Bunsen Burner and often finds such activities as offensive.

Despite looking human, he is actually is known to be a Pikachu from the P██████ video games, given an altered appearance via projectors in most sites in order to not be mistaken for an anomaly.

Despite despising bugs (insects, arachnids, and any other "freaks of nature"), Dr. Young has a pet Venezuelan Poodle Moth, stored in his office at [SITE NAME REDACTED BY O5-1] He adds "People who wear that kind of fabric that moths eat... What was it called?... Eh, whatever. Beware if you are wearing it."

He will be relocated to [SITE NAME REDACTED BY O5-1] when construction is complete.

He has been called Dr. ██████ Tesla on multiple occasions by Dr. Schrödinger. Rumors have it that he had a bother named Dr. Nolan, referred to by Dr. Schrödinger as Dr. ██████ Edison. Dr. Young denies any relationships with Dr. Nolan, family or otherwise, and often will do anything out of the way to avoid any confrontation with him.

No information on Dr. Young, his past, or existence in general have ever been recorded until he was found a half-mile from Site-██, shortly after Incident-███-04.