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Doctor ███ Drago
Image of Dr Drago
Character Information
Occupation(s) Senior Researcher and Security Officer
Age ██
Status Alive
Security Level Clearance Level Three (3)
Intelligence Quotient (139)
Location(s) Site-92, Site-40-2, Area-72 and Site-24
Previous Location(s) Site-42, Site-40 and Site-34
Working with Dr Colms and Dr Karver
Previously Worked with Dr Malfrous, Dr Woods, Dr Parkswood, Dr Hudson, and Dr Horror


R██ was born in Birmingham, England, his parents were divorced at young age. His father worked at the Foundation as a former Head Researcher, until an unfortunate event occured. When he was seven years old, him and his older brother came across Site-██ during the middle of a lockdown breach while trying to find their father. Traumatized after the events, he wI'll never forget what happened there.

Years later, Drago joined the Foundation on █/█/████ after an incident involving SCP-682 breaking out of mass containment located at Site-██, on that same day, Drago was sent to Québec, Canada for his one month penalty as a Class-D for trespassing into the facility. During his final days serving his punishment, he was tested on SCP-682 as his final experiment, when entering the chamber, the blast doors malfunctioned, causing him and Malfrous to be enclosed within the cell with The-Hard-To-Destroy-Reptile, it was then discovered that he was the son of a former Head Researcher, Malfrous sacrificed himself to let Drago escape. During the aftermath, Drago was invited to join the Foundation, achieving his level-1 clearance.

After his first few days, he was required to take his level-2 examination. Though there were some errors within the test, he still managed to get through it. He met several friends of his own while visiting the sites the Foundation had to offer, such as Unit-37, a Mobile Task Force training facility.

Drago decided to join a division of the Foundation. He settled with the Scienciftic Department, the department granted him as a Junior Researcher, because they thought of Drago with "great potential". After researching on SCP-455 during an expedition, Drago became an Assistant Researcher.

He decided to join the Security Department after talking to Dr Victor about the position at Site-92, he was accepted in as a Recruit after past experiences with using a weapon as he had a well and steady aim. During one of the trainings, he was successful on recontaining SCP-173 by leading his colleagues into victory which lead to his Security Guard promotion.

Drago was given access to Armed Site-36, which was going through the process of construction. During his visit there, Drago was inspired to help creatw a site of his own, there Area-208 was born, which was renamed to Area-28. As months passed of development of the facility, it was at last, opened to the public. Though the site hadn't been finished yet, personnel were amazed of the design.

During the summer, Drago had already been given Researcher after his studies through experimenting with multiple anomalies and calculating the results while working with other scientists. Same thing went toward his Agent promotion, which he accomplished by his first ever containment breach as a Security unit which he evacuating non-essential toward the exits of Gate A.

Deaths occured of his fellow friends during unfortunate events, the dark times increased greater at each moment. Scruffy had betrayed the Foundation which lead to the era of rivalry between other Foundations. 40-2 had no longer existed, and has been converted into 08. Inacticity swarmed the halls of facilities throughout the Fall.




How Dr. Drago joined the Foundation


SCP Explorations:

SCP 455 (Lead by Dr Young)

Additional Information:

  • Dr. Drago has been involved in multiple Keter and Euclid SCP containment breaches such as SCP-173, SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-008-2, SCP-035 and SCP-682. In most of these breaches, he successfully re-contains these SCPs with the help of other SCP personnel.
  • Drago has been in the Foundation for estimated, three years.
  • He is currently going through the construction of Area-28 with Dr. Karver, though it is still in development, personnel are free to roam during the process of building.
  • He has a somewhat fear of SCP-682 from past experiences, though he finds the creature "interesting", he rather stay from a far distance than up and close.
  • He is known to be quite, lazy at certain points. He loves to procrastinate, and rather be slacking off than be on duty.
  • He is known to have a portable camera with him, at all times.
  • He is known to love Mochas, and vodkas.
  • He has 3 ties in his collection, all of them are pixelated and red.
  • Dr. Drago is NOT a dragon, though his last name does mean "draco" in the Italian form of Latin, which means "dragon".
  • It's a coincidence that Drago and J.J. both have similar last names.
  • He may, or may not be insane. After the past (many) experiences with SCP-455, he is still stable. and developed a hatred toward the cargo ship.
  • Dr Karver suggests, or more accurately, requests for Drago to go through mental evaluation.
  • He was once suspended from the Security Department for handing out a weapon and keycard to Malfrous while he was drunk. Only one death occurred.
  • His original plan for ranking in the Foundation was this; Level-3 Clearance, Researcher and Security Guard. He surprassed his goal by earning Senior Researcher and Security Officer.
  • Drago would like to dye his hair into a reddish shade, but he has decided not to.
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