Monday, March 5 2007:

I woke up about half past three in the morning and rolled around in my 'rock hard' bed for about twenty minutes before realizing I was late for work.. I considered myself lucky to be working for the Institution I wondered how I even got in with so many applicants. Nevertheless I jumped out of bed, grasped the nearest clothing available and began to get changed .

I went to make myself a cup of coffee. I don't like coffee because it gives me energy but I like the taste. I really don't know why... My friends at work think its weird and stupid to like the taste of coffee but, I really don't care about their opinion of my 'Coffee drinking habits'..

I finished my breakfast and lazily strolled down the stairs of my apartment. I jumped in my car, turned the key, and drove to work. My work wasn't as far from my home. It took me ages finding a car-parking space. I eventually did though. I got out of my Vauxhall Beetle and walked into the Bio-lab.

I was injecting a T-Virus cell into a healthy Human cell when this creep in a black suit with a hat and shades walked up to me. His voice was deep; "Hello, Dr. Rouge isn't it"? He said "Ugmm yeah, what do you need"? "Please do not stare"

"Umm okay..." I replied " I understand you have so understanding of Mirco organisms and Viruses"? "Yeah.. I'm the head of that department here..Why what do you need?" "I want to offer you a..better job that this one" I wasn't really sure about what this guys motives where but I played along hoping at the end of it he would say he's kidding. "Uh huh.." "Fill out this form please"

It was your average job form only at the bottom it said- 'I will give my life to the Foundation' That caught my attention but I signed my name "A package would be delivered to your apartment at 0600 You have 24 hours to respond. Then he just..walked away leaving me very confused.