Name: Dr Xierovitch Quantius

Roblox username: Quagma

Security Clearance: Level-4

Occupation: Ethics Committee Director and Medical Department Director

Specialization: Administration, aditional studies in quantum physics

Sites of Operation: Area-72, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Description: Dr Xierovitch Quantius is mostly involved in the Foundation's administration, and is sometimes described as "a lazy penpusher". He is mostly involved in the administration of the Ethics Committee and the restructuration of the Medical Department.

History: Dr Quantius studied quantum physics and obtained his PhD at the university of [REDACTED], Québec, Canada. He was recruited by the Foundation following the discovery of SCP-2123, as he was one of the safety inspectors and previously worked on particle colliders. He was granted Level-2 clearance and participated in research on SCP-2123 from 2003 to 2006. He was granted Level-4 clearance in 2014 following his appointment to his position of Ethics Committee Director.


Name: Dr Xierovitch Quantius

Security Clearance: Level-4 Has the clearance to access any area in Area-72. He has access to Area-72's nuclear codes.

Occupation: Director-1 of the Internal Security Department

Additional Specialization: Intelligence gathering, infiltration, trained in shooting, can pilot an helicopter

Description: Dr Quantius is the Director-1 of the ISD, but identifies as Ethics Committee Director for secrecy purposes. He may be accompanied by undercover ISD agents if he travels to an high-risk zone. He has the authority to detain any suspicious Foundation personnel, regardless of their clearance.

Equipment: Dr Quantius usually carries the following items with him:

  • A standard Level-4 keycard
  • Handcuffs
  • Two(2) FN FiveSeven and ammunition
  • Area-72 masterkey
  • ISD identification badge
  • Black Modular Tactical Vest with Small Arms Protective Insert