"You could all thank Dr. Drago of the SCP Foundation for this - I, Doctor Malfrous, Level Two clearance, now have a Steam account. Now, if the Ethics Commitee finds out about this, guess who'll be on Keter Duty? Yeah - super secret classified stuffs like that. Anyway, I must do my duty - *FART* - to keep all the information on the Foundation secret! No, just kidding. Screw classification! WE HAVE A GOD DAMN GIANT KERMIT WHO CAN EAT US ALL - WE HAVE A WEEPING ANGEL WHO TAKES SHITS ALL OVER ITS CELL AND IT'LL SNAP YER NECK - WE GOT A GOD DAMN EVIL STEPHEN-HAWKING COMPUTER WHO WILL DDOS YOUR GOD DAMN TOASTER! Anway, have a nice day world of the public!"
-Dr. Malfrous