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SCP Scientist Malfrous-19018521

NAME: Dr. ███████ Malfrous



AGE: ██

Occupation(s): Senior Staff, Researcher



Originating from ████, ██████, Dr. S██ Malfrous was birthed as son of veteran foundation researcher Dr. Elias Malfrous. He led a life of simplicity with his mother and older sister- while his father was claimed to bet out working non stop, only on rare occasions would he come home.

At age four, just before his parents divorce, his father came home to take S██ to his place of work during ‘Take Your Child  To Work Day’, which ended on an unfortunate note.

SCP-██ had breached containment in Site ██ during the time – leaving parents and their children blind sighted by  the event.

SCP-██ had happened upon Dr. Elias Malfrous, who was rushing his son to the nearest elevator to safety, but with ██ approaching at terrifying speed, they would not both make it out alive.

Elias Malfrous lost his life that day, staying behind to divert ██’s attention to allow a young Dr. S██ Malfrous to escape.

Years later, Dr. Malfrous was found in his old apartment following the death of his sister, Eli, living alone in ████, █████ by SCP Foundation agents, who convinced Malfrous to carry on his dead father’s legacy.

As an L-0, Malfrous worked as a mere janitor until he would be told how to achieve higher ranks to achieve the greatness his great Dr. Elias Malfrous once achieved.

Meeting many new friends along the way, some who he would keep until death, he seemed like he was stuck as the average janitor. However, while he maintained the Heavy Containment Zone of Site ██ in hygienic order, he encountered an abandoned Class D who was trapped within SCP 682’s cell during a breach – whom he saved, and kept 682 at bay from breaching into the entire site, achieving the rank of L-1, and earning a friend.

Afterwards, Malfrous attended various adventures with newfound friends, ranking up over the years, to even achieve the rank of L4.



Masked Redemption

Malfrous Remembers

The Breach

Death - Dr. Malfrous

M_AL_F-ROU_S (End Tale)

After M_AL_F-ROU_S, Dr. Malfrous' story will, sadly, be discontinued. However- he will not fully die- as he and many other characters soon to die (*wink wink*) will be in prequel tales.

I have another character in the works.

Fun Facts

  • Malfrous has been rumored to be a possible psychopath.
  • He carries a knife around at all SCP sites and areas.
  • He is horrified of SCP-███ . It is suggested to never mention it's name when nearby Malfrous.
  • Malfrous attempted to kill two personnel when he was told they accidentally let his greatest fear, SCP-███,escape.
  • He is always wearing a black mask. 3 personnel (one of them was Dr. Parkswood) attempted to remove his mask, two were stabbed, the other was kicked in the gut. All injuries caused by an angry Malfrous.
  • He sees himself as the top surgeon in the SCP Foundation, he had once conducted surgery on Agent Mitchell (possibly ruining any chances of Agent Mitchell of surviving his injuries).
  • According to him, he was once a medical student. Which is highly unlikely.
  • He has only publicly went crazy on SCP-455, though it is possible he was always crazy from the start.
  • Nobody has seen Dr. Malfrous's face after the SCP-███ breach, besides his dark black eyes.
  • He wears gloves, boots, a SCP Foundation uniform, and a black mask.
  • He is a 6'1 male, it is unknown where he is from, he does however have a slight English accent.
  • It is unknown whether he was killed by SCP 096 or the Omega Warhead detonation, or both.
  • His corpse was moved and buried in his homeland, █████ , ███████ .
  • Has been revived by ██████ as a brain-dead killing machine.
  • His first encounter with SCP 096 was when he was 7 on 'Bring your Child to Work Day'
  • After being revived, he was soon afterwards blown up at Site 4█-█.
  • After the Site 4█-█ explosion, it is still under debate if Malfrous survived or not.
  • It is rumored that somce Malfrous survived, he has been reverted to his normal self due to radiation.
  • He lost his father at age seven to SCP 096, he thus made it a promise to take his father's place in honor of him and joined the Foundation.

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