Dr Loftman-26616935

Dr. Loftman as of ██/██/19██

Originating from the fictional tale, SPORE

NAME: Dr. █████ Loftman


AGE: 39






STATUS: KIA - ██/██/20██

PREVIOUSLY WORKED WITH: Mr. Nathaniel, Director Garlic, Miss Genial, Mr. Hightower, Mrs. Golokin


HISTORY: Dr. Loftman was recruited into the foundation by means of ████████ █████████████ on the date ██/██/19██. All relatives and family of Dr. Loftman do not know his current role in the Foundation and should be kept unaware. After Dr. Loftman's death his family was informed he was murdered by 'Mr. Nicholas Haze'. In fact, Dr. Colms was the true killer of Dr. Loftman. Both were under the influence of an anomaly at the time and are not charged for the fight.

After Dr. Loftman was recruited for reasons of ████████ and was immediately provided Level-3 clearance. For the first two months of his time at the Foundation- Agent █████ was instructed to keep watch over Dr. Loftman for any unusual behavior. Dr. Loftman revealed none of such behavior- and was relieved to his duties.

He joined the ISD on the date █/██/20██. No farther details will be provided of Dr. Loftman's time with the ISD. Despite this job- Loftman conducted large amounts of his work with transportation of new anomalies. Dr. Loftman and Miss Genial together conducted much of this work at Site-95 under the command of Director Garlic and Mr. Nathaniel. Their team included Mr. Hightower and Mrs. Golokin. (Mrs. Golokin passed away in the same indecent responsible for Dr. Loftman's death. Mr. Hightower went MIA later that night.)

Dr. Loftman made two unsuccessful attempts to apply for Level-4. By his third attempt- the interviewers stopped him before he begun. Though he didn't react aggressively to them it is obvious that he is not happy regarding the event.


NOTES: Dr. Loftman was mentally traumatized by SCP-031. Due to the irrational fear that followed he was transported for Site-██ to Site-95.

Dr. Loftman and Miss Genial have proven to make a very efficient team in the workplace. Unless they request to be separated there is no need to split them apart.

Dr. Loftman is no longer allowed to request Level-4 clearance after three unsuccessful attempts.