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Dr.J.J.Dragon in his CTF uniform at the Site-40 break room

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Dr.J.J.Dragon in his senior researcher outfit at the Site-40 break room

Name:Dr. J.J.Dragon

Security Clearance:Level-3

Occupations: Head Researcher and CTF member

Locations: Site-72

HistoryDr.J.J.Dragon joined the foundation in██/██/████ due to him meeting CTF members while they were trying to contain SCP-████, they were all extremely injured or killed by it and Dr.J.J.Dragon grabbed one of the automatic tranquilizer gun one of the CTF members had and shot the great beast, he then took one the radio's and contacted the place, the radio was connected to. Then CTF members contained SCP-███ and they questioned Dr.J.J.Dragon about the incident and then asked him if he would like to join the SCP foundation because of his ability to capture SCPs and his extreme intelligence.When he first joined he looked up to Dr.Scruffy and was promoted by Dr.Scruffy all the way to Level-3. When he went to Level-2 he joined MTF(Mobile Task Forces) and SD(Security Department) he eventually left SD,but is still in MTF as a CTF member. Then he joined SciDept(scientific Department)and was tested and promoted by Dr.Scruffy all the way to Head Researcher and has his own research team called Indominus-1 which is mainly dedicated to SCP-049. Later on he joined DEA(Department of External Affairs), but left soon after. Then after a couple weeks of inactivity he joined the IA (Intelligence Agency) and is in Field Training.



  • Dr.J.J.Dragon has gone insane once because of a trip in SCP-455 and tried to murder Dr. T. Young , Dr. J.J.Dragon was then treated for insanity and has recovered.
  • Dr. J.J.Dragon knows how to recontain SCP-173,SCP-049,SCP-035 and has also contined SCP-173,SCP-049,SCP-035 after a CB at least once
  • He is infected with a disease that the ushanka he wears contains, the disease causes his Adrenal Medulla to produce adrenaline 100x as much as a normal one, but the disease also makes his body able to withstand the massive amounts of adrenaline his body produces, he has been able to conceive a cure, but before he used it, he created a second virus that is uncontagious. Then he cured himself from the original virus, then he almost died like he expected because his Adrenal Medulla was producing to much adrenaline, so he had to infect himself with the uncontagious version of the pathogen.
  • He is infected with the PARVOVIRUS XPB-19,which he got from his dog Dragon and the virus amplifies his smell,eyesight and strength to those of a male wolf while "flaring", which is what Dr.J.J.Dragon calls the phenomenon.Dr.J.J.Dragon is not contagious and will not give us more information about his abilities and the virus, no other instances of the PARVOVIRUS XPB-19 have been found.

Fun Facts

  • He carries around a M16,M4,MP5, G18 and iron knuckles
  • He has eaten the flesh and muscle off of Dr.Parkswood's jaw
  • He has escaped out of SCP-106's dimension
  • He has a metal Jaw ( Thanks to Dr.Parkswood he ripped my jaw off)
  • He has a metal artery (Thanks to Dr.Parkswood he slashed my chest and cut it)
  • He has a problem with his adrenal medulla(His produces 100x more than a average human),he can experience superhuman strength and can take bullets and not die, thanks to a disease
  • He has a dragon tattoo along his chest
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