[Agent █████ Wilde and his team recovered this Journal, 2 hours after Dr. Hudson death. It was recovered in his left pocket and is on display at site-██.]

June 13 2009:

Well today's the day! They are moving us from Site 10 to Site 11, well not everyone just Team 7. I've been getting along good with most of them..That Spunky guy still giving me the creeps. I could swear he killed a Foundation member last week, but I might be insane. This place will drive you insane. We are still driving there, so I'm writing in this Journal to pass the time, Drago said its a 2 hour Journey. That reminds me..I get car sick..

After 30 minutes of me puking and the driver having to stop about 5 times, we eventually made it to Site 11. The place is fucking huge! I mean think of Site 40's Heavy Containment. Put three more Heavy Containment's beside that and you've got Site 11. They say its the largest site they have. Now I can see why.

June 14 2009:

I've only explored half of the site and it's already day one. Anyway Woods has introduced me to this creep who wears a mask. I tried to take it off him..but he put a knife to my throat. Some MTFs had to get him off but he seems like a nice guy. He told me that he was also in Research Team 7.

He showed me around today and the O5 that greeted us said I'm right beside Dr. Larvines office! I'm really gonna have to make my move today because I really don't think I would have the balls to ask her out anytime soon. So I might as well do It now.