DR Banks is a high ranking member of the SCP Foundation.

Current Research Location(s): Site 40, Site █, Complex-13

Former Research Location(s):  Area-13, Site-94, Sector 19-9, Site 42, Site 30, 

Specialization: Dr. Banks currently possesses a doctorate in Computer Science. Considerable knowledge in the fields of explosives, physics and firearms have also been recorded. He is also currently noted as owning a firearms license, even though prior to Foundation employment he was a student in the UK Education system. Reason for this has not yet been provided.



Notes: Doctor Banks has had at least fifty-seven failed attempts made on his life over a period of six months. Weapons used have included standard kitchen knives, a wide variety of firearms, several of Doctor Bank's documented SCPs, fire, and an on-site nuclear device. Though no confirmed attacker has been found.

History:  Dr. Banks was born and raised in ███████, █████. Graduated with honors from ████ Naval School. First came to Foundation attention when he aided in the rescue of survivors on the SCPS Pristine, by saving █ crewmembers with his small steamship, the SS Amarda . When later interviewed, Dr. Banks claimed he was just a good man wanting to help others.

Dr. Banks has repeatedly encountered scp-2846, when sailing the SS Amarda, and has fought it on many occasions.

Notes about leaving sites:

Area-13- Breach by SCP-173, 049 and SCP-035-FR. Area destroyed

Site-42- Breach by SCP-049, 055, 513 and SCP-682. Site destroyed

Site-94- Breach by SCP-088, 682 and others. Full death log below.

D classes 25-1025

Dr. Cleffa- Killed when rescuing SCP-053 from SCP-088

MTF Beta-13

Junior Researcher Darren- Killed by 106

Agent 16- Killed by 106

COS Zac- Killed rescuing SCP-131 A and B

Site Director Skinner- Killed by 682

Agent Maple- Killed by 088.

All personel in the LCZ and HCZ

Dr. Leo (MIA) - Jumped into SCP-120 to escape 106.

Site-30- Taken over by CI.

Sector-19-9: Infested by a virus, almost everyone died.