Dr.Comet at Site-██-2's Euclid Gate.
Character Information
Occupation(s) ScD, Assistant Researcher
Age 34
Status Alive
Security Level Clearance 3
Intelligence Quotient 125
Location(s) Site-24-2
Previous Location(s) Site-79, Site-24
Working with Dr.Abafar, Dr.Colms
Previously Worked with None

Dr.Comet was recruited into the foundation by O5-██, before being recruited into the Foundation Dr.Comet was a professor at ████. Dr.Comet spends most of his time testing on SCPs like SCP-173 and with the occasional "coffee break". Dr.Comet is always trying to crack a joke or pun about any situation hes in no matter how serious it is, making him highly "punny" as he calls it. Dr.Comet joined the SCP Foundation somewhere around █/3/20██ and quickly made new friends like Dr.█████ and Agent █████. He quickly ranked up through the ranks until he had obtained his L3 security clearance. When Dr.Comet was deciding what department he should join he thought that personally the Scientific Department would be best for him, now he is a Assistant Researcher helping with tests conducted by Dr.█████ and other scientists. At the moment Dr.Comet has only been in one research team that has not been named yet to test on SCP-096. Dr.Comet has been faced with many situations such as breaches which occur often depending on the amount of GOC personnel that are in the facility. Dr.Comet was born in ██████, USA and originally flew to Site-24 for his recruitment. As Dr.Comet worked at Site-24 a major breach occurred, destroying the facility and killing some of his many friends. He was immediately transferred to Site-24-2 that was not too far from Site-24. Dr.Comet enjoys heading down to the cafeteria and eating the pizza, he claims that its beyond anything he has tasted before. However Dr.Comet never seems to show up on any days when there is tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. Dr.Comet being a professor has an IQ of 125. Dr.Comet previous locations were Site-79 and Site-24. Dr.Comet even though in the Scientific Department, wanted to build sites for the Foundation, and he has attempted many times. One of the times he made a working tesla gate that almost killed Dr.██████. However Dr.Comet is working on a team site build on Site-██. When at his L0-L1 clearances he was taught the ropes of the Foundation, but even at his clearance now he is still learning about the foundation. Dr.Comet rarely ever takes vacations, but whenever he does he goes somewhere tropical like Hawaii for very long periods of time, missing a lot of action in the Foundation, and when that happens, the other personnel are ready for when he says "What'd I miss?". Dr.Comet enjoys working at the Foundation, because of all the dramatic events that happen. For example one time Dr.Comet went on down to SCP-294 and ordered himself 340,326 cups of coffee, the O5s were not amused.