With the alarms blaring and the lighting of Site ███ slowly fading into a flashing red, the PA System announced, “ALL NON-ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL EVACUATE THE FACILITY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WE ARE EXPERIENCING MULTIPLE EUCLID AND KETER CONTAINMENT BREACHES. I REPEAT, ALL NON-ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL EVACUATE THE FACILITY NOW.” Dr. Malfrous, who was standing by the Class D cells, scrambled for the exit of the D-Class cell block. He ran through the doorway, leading into a long hallway. He passed intersection and intersection, hearing the sounds of P-90s being fired and screams of personnel. Almost in no time at all, the exhausted masked doctor stood at the elevator located in Gate A, falling to his knees, gasping as the elevator lifted him to the main entrance of Site ███. Relieved and gasping for air, Dr. Malfrous listened as the PA System clicked on once more. “The Omega Warheads are facing a malfunction; manual intervention is needed.” All the personnel at the entrance switched glances at each other, deciding who was going to be the unlucky sacrifice. “I’ll do it.” Dr. Malfrous announced. “I’ll…I’ll go down there and activate the bombs…” Everyone stayed silent as Dr. Malfrous re-entered the elevator, escorting him back down into the bowels of the facility.

He stood in front of the locked door leading into the Silo. He did not have the correct clearance to unlock it, leaving him frustrated…Until a familiar scream echoed down the hallways of the HCZ. “Oh Nine Six…” Malfrous muttered as the sound of rapid footsteps seemed to get closer and closer. Malfrous then had a plan, a daring plan that may cost him his life. Dr. Malfrous glanced down the hall as he saw a white figure running down it, determined to tear the masked doctor apart. “Come at me…” He whispered as 096 neared his location…and just as 096 was close enough to obliterate Malfrous, he dodged, causing 096 to tear through the door of the Omega Warhead Silo. “Bingo.” He muttered and ran toward the Omega Warhead controls. He arrived at his destination, with 096 nowhere to be seen. He leaned over the controls. In front of him was a switch, a switch that seemed to be pulled downwards at the words, “OFF”. Just as he put his hand on the switch to pull it upwards at the words reading, “ON”, he felt a terrible pain at his leg. He let out a scream and looked down, seeing 096’s jaw tearing into his leg. He almost fell, but gained control. He stood, and pulled the switch upwards. “OMEGA WARHEADS: ONLINE. DETONATING IN 10….” Dr. Malfrous kicked 096 off of him, trying to ignore the pain. 096 stood up, only a few feet away from Dr. Malfrous. Dr. Malfrous pulled his knife from his backpocket. “C’mon, shyguy…” He shouted. The PA System counted down to 5, then 4… “Let’s dance!” Malfrous sneered. SCP 096 let out its scream as Malfrous stared at its blood-stained face. They both charged at each other as the countdown reached ‘0’.

Five of Dr. Malfrous’s closest companions, Dr. Parkswood, Dr. Drago, Dr. Hudson, Dr. Woods, and Dr. Colms* stood in front of the smoking ruins of Site ███. Dr. Malfrous’s charred corpse laid in front of them. He still had his knife in his burnt hand with the blood of SCP 096 on its tip. A group of agents carried Malfrous to a pile of other deceased personnel, causing Malfrous to drop his knife. They were moved into a black van. One of the group of 4** grabbed the knife. He faintly smiled and waved goodbye as the van drove away from the ruins of the facility, the burning sun going down in the distance. Whether this is a happy ending or not, Dr. Malfrous will be missed.

Goodbye, SCP Foundation. I’ll miss you.

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