3:12:01 Am 3 hours before death... Edit

Dr. Hudson Sighed as he looks at his computer monitor wondering what to do next. Losing all of Unit - 72 was bad enough but to loose a close friend? One hes known since childhood. That was the last straw for him. He sighed again reminiscing of Dr. Malfrous's funeral " Hows it goin' boys?" he asked " I'm great" a depressed Dr. Drago replied " I'm good, what about you?" Dr. Woods said "Fuckin' awful!" Dr. Hudson exclaimed "First: 72 now this!!" He stopped reminiscing, shook his head and got back to work.

Just then Dr. Scruffy spoke in his radio. All personnel where required to have radios now after the breach had happened "Hudson report to 097's chamber immediately" Hudson made his way to Dr. Scruffy. Hudson felt unsure about this one. Maybe he was going to get yelled at maybe Dr. Scruffy just wanted to test. However it was the first time Hudson heard Dr. Scruffy's voice in over two weeks. Hudson didn't know what to expect it was even weird for a junior researcher to even handle a SCP of this class. He shook it off and made his way down to SCP-097's chamber

"May I see some id please" The MTF unit said "Sure" Hudson says as he pulls out his L2 key card and gives it to the Guard "Go on ahead" "Thanks.." he says before the MTF unit opens the door.

"Scruffy?!!!, what the hell are you doing?" He laughed "Well my good friend Doctor Hudson ,finishing off business. He laughed again. he pulled out a .02 caliber Desert Eagle. "But senior doctors aren't allowed weapons except if their MTF. He giggles like a little school-girl and Dr. Hudson notices the two bodies lying on the floor and on the controls "You motherfuc-" Scruffy cut him off with the cocking of the gun. Hudson backs away "Now..calm down sir..." "Meet your end Doctor Hudson!!" He screamed. Two bullets were fired. Hudson was able to get out of there. "I've got to find Dr. Woods that crazy son-of-a-bitch better not be testing !" He said to himself. Dr.Hudson was sprinting down the corridor with the occasional chuckle coming from behind him. He noticed Dr. Woods looking confused at SCP-096's chamber. Dr.Hudson screamed his name "WOODS!!!" He pointed at the elevator door

Both men get in the elevator , A bullet flung past Dr. Wood's head almost cutting him in half. The elevator doors close and a bullet hole is put him them. Dr.Hudson laughs in nervousness "What the fucks going on Hudson!" "No time to explain Woods." Just then the elevator stopped working and the lights went out "Great..." Dr. Hudson said. A voice on the speaker. It was slurred and static. It said  "All personnel, multiple members of the Chaos Insurgency have been detected in the Heavy Containment Zone. I repeat, multiple members of the Chaos Insurgency have been detected in the Heavy Containment Zone. Security personnel are to report t-" The voice was replaced by screaming and gunshots. "Oh shit...Oh shit" Woods repeated. Another voice on the loudspeaker was heard, It said "Site is experiencing multiple Keter, Euclid Level containment breaches, Keter and Euclid SCP's have been detected in Heavy containment." Both men stood there motionless and silent until Woods spoke "Oh fuck not again!"

4:20:40 Am 2 hours before Death. Edit

"We'll have to climb out" Hudson was very acrobatic unlike Woods. The hatch at the top that reads 'In the event of an emergency, please pull' Dr. Hudson pulls the latch and both men climb up. It took them a half an hour to get up. But they eventually did it. They wandered through the hallways trying to find a person even if it was Chaos Insurgency. Dr. Woods wanted to head to SCP-1639, Hudson agreed the two men ran toward the break room. Hudson could swear he saw Woods smile. He never seen Wood's smile that way. They made it to the staff room where SCP-1639. It looked untouched only a little mess but nothing too bad. Woods had his gaze on the jazzbox. He grabbed it. "Let's go" Hudson said. That thought was cut off when the two men heard footsteps bearing towards them. Hudson gulped in fear. The two men jumped behind the bar. Hudson could see Woods trying to hold back a scream but he ignored it. The could hear footsteps in the bar area "Huh..It's not here..." a man with a deep voice. Hudson could also hear him mentioning something about a katana. And then Hudson heard something he prayed the man wouldn't say but he could already have seen it coming "Check behind the counter!" The deep-voiced man said another man came to check the counter of the bar. Woods grabbed him and Hudson and Woods made a run for it. Behind the they could hear the crackling of bullets hitting walls. They just kept sprinting to the exit until they saw 'Light Containment' Hudson cheered to himself and they finally reached the blast doors. Woods swiped his key card in and they opened only to reveal a familiar face in front of them, It was Dr. Spunky. Woods took a bullet to the leg with made him fall to the ground. Hudson stood there like SCP-173 Motionless.. Spunky chuckled and started saying "Aww the little mouse got himself in a trap?" He chuckled at his own joke "You..Fuck!" Wood said "Why are you doing this?" He screamed "How could you do this too us..!" He screamed more. Hudson had never seen Woods so angry but he knew never to get on Wood's bad side. "I respected you!" He screamed even more. Hudson frowned and knew this was his friend's end "You where our teacher!!, you where always there for us and we where always there for you!!" " I wouldn't do that it I where you" Woods slowly got back onto his feet and screeched "NOW I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" Woods charged at his and Hudson's mentor who they've knew for 11 years. Hudson still remained motionless. He saw woods charging for Spunky but stopped and clutched his throat. Hudson knew that he had been hit "WOODS!! NO!! YOU BASTARD SPUNKY YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!" Hudson threw his voice so loud it echoed the corridors nearby Hudson charged at Spunky but he had been hit twice in the shoulders. He fell to the ground in agonizing pain while Spunky strode over to him "Huehehehaha.. your pathetic Hudson. You and this Foundation..!" Spunky walked into the darkness as Hudson took his last breath...

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