/██/████, 3 hours before death

Dr Woods sat in his chair, biting the end of his pen. He took his eyes of the computer monitor and started to drink his coffee. He though about the events that had transpired in the past couple of weeks. The destruction of Site-40 and death of Dr Malfrous had shock the remaining foundation personnel of Site-40. Luckly all of the SCPs where able to be recovered by a rather large army of angry Mobile Task Force members.

Dr Malfrous's funeral was at his home town. We couldn't wear are normal Foundation uniform like we wanted incase of making the town suspicious or a group of intrest such as The Chaos Insurgency being able to light the place up. His family was there. We had told them that he died falling of scaffolding while improving a wall outside of the facilty. We hadn't told them had he died a hero, setting off the Omega nuke in a last attempt to hinder the SCPs long enough for Mobile Task Force members to recontain the anomalies.

The destruction and death that has taken place in the past couple of weeks have decreased the moral of some people. Dr Spunky seems to be acting strangely. He has less patience now and blocks himself from the world. He spends his time cooped up in his office. I've heard him talk to himself a couple of times. The desctruction of Site-40 should of pushed everyone closer, not further.

"Dr Woods, please report to SCP-096" I hear Dr Spunky say over the intercom. It was the first time I actully was going to see his face again in 2 weeks. I placed my coffee back onto the table and leave my seat. I walk down a couple of long white corridors until I reached the checkpoint separating Low Containment Zone to High Containment Zone. "Sir, please show me your ID card" a security guard says. I show him my ID. "Looks good, go ahead"

I swipe my ID into the keycard door and it opens, revelling the HCZ. I put my ID in my lab coat pocket and set my eyes on the usual plain gray walls. I smell a small pinch of blood in the small gray corridor. It wasn't unusual to smell such a stench through the Heavy Containment Zone. This was where the most dangerous SCPS of the site slept after all. Accidents happen all the time.

I walked through the grey corridors, occasionally passing past security personnel and saying my greetings. After a couple of minutes of walking I approached the elevator leading to SCP-096's containment chamber. After the huge containment breach of Site-40 multiple SCPs from Site-40 had a increase in security. There was a rumor that 05 command had a request from multiple L-5's to change its object class to keter. The request was said to be denied.

To get in to SCP-096's chamber you had to be searched by security personnel. After that you had to ride a elevator down. After a couple of minutes later you would reach a gray corridor and multiple doors had to be opened manually by security personnel in order for you get in.

I pressed the white button that opens the elevator doors. It took a couple of minutes until they opened. I walked into the small box and pressed a gray button that was shaped like a arrow pointing down. I pressed it. I wondered what Dr Spunky will request from me. I though Dr Hudson was doing a test of SCP-097. I found it strange how Dr Spunky trusted a Junior Researcher with it. After all it helped destroy Site-40. Dr Hudson is a new researcher with little experince. He could of gave it to a more senior member of staff like Drago, Colms or even me.

The doors of the elevator slided open, revealing the 3 large titanium doors to be open. It was strange. There was a unnerving silence that slept over the hallway. "Hello?" I questioned. There was no response. I walked out of the elevator confused. There was no security personnel and there was no sight of Dr Spunky. Maybe I when the wrong way? I though.

My thinking was interrupted by something running. I heard a familar scream. I saw Dr Hudson sprinting down the hallway. "Go go go go go go!" He shouted, pointing to the elevator. I compiled, starting to sprint my way back to the elevator. I heard a small chuckle. I looked behind me to see Dr Spunky with a crazed grin. He pointed a pistol at me and a gunshot rang.

A bullet wizzed past my head. I thanked 0-5 command for not inforcing researchers to have basic pistol training. I slammed my shoulder against the elevator wall. I heard a large crack and cried out in pain followed by curses. Hudson slammed his hand at the button and the elevator doors quickly shut.

There was complete silence for a couple of seconds. "What the fuck is going on? Why is the head of the damn sicence department trying to kill us?!" I shouted. "I don't know. He called me down to do some testing with SCP-097. I found the whole security team dead" He replied.

"The whole security team? How could one damn researcher kill the whole security team!?" Hudson's reply was cut off by a voice coming from the speakers in the elevator. "All personnel, multiple members of the Chaos Insurgency have been detected in the Heavy Containment Zone. I repeat, multiple members of the Chaos Insurgency have been detected in the Heavy Containment Zone. Security personnel are to report t-" The man was cut off by static.

The light in the elevator died and the elevator stopped. Woods and Hudson weere quickly engulfed by darkess. A voice in the speaker made there blood run cold. "Multiple Euclid and Keter class scps have been detected in the Light containment Zone and Heavy Containment Zone. Initiating full site lock-down" Both men stood silent for what felt like ages until Woods spoke.

"Oh fuck not again"

/██/████, 2 hours before death

The two men walked through the dark hallway. They where able to escape the elevator by opening a hatch and climbing the ropes. It had took a good half an hour. There hands where burned from the ropes. Navigating the hallways was hard. They only had been in Site-40-2 for a couple of weeks and didn't know there way around the facilty.

They where heading for SCP-1639. Hudson agreed to go get SCP-1639 before getting out of here. SCP-1639 was a sort of beam of light in the darkness back at Site-40. Its calming music could get the saddest of researchers in a happy mood. Some of my best moments in the Foundation was with SCP-1639. When Dr Snail pulled some strings and got Whiskey into the staff room that containted SCP-1639.

I smiled at the memory. Dr Snail got hammered out of his mind and I had to sneak him through the hallways to his office. The researchers dared not to speak. It had took a couple of minutes until they stumbled onto the stairs leading to the staff room. They sneaked to the top of the stairs and surprisingly found the staff room untouched There was only a few empty bottles scattered around the tables and a flipped chair.

Woods locked his eyes with the jazz box. He quickly grabbed the radio and was about to run down the stairs until his heart sinked. He heard heavy footsteps running up the stairs. Him and Hudson hurled themsleves over the bar area.

Woods landed on the arm that he had hurt early and almost screamed in agony. The foots steps where coming closer and where in the room. "Heh, Its not here." A gruff sounding man said. "This is Anti Personnel Ops 45 'Katana' Are objective is not in the area, waiting for new orders" Woods heart stopped when the Gruff man said "Check behind the bar" Hudson looked at woods, his eyes filled with terror. Woods put up his good hand and put up all his fingers up, putting one down every second.

When the intruder was almost over the bar, Woods put down all his hands. Him and Hudson jumped over the bar and sprinted to the stairs. Woods heard shouting and the crackling of bullets hitting the walls. They raced through the corridors, with the intruders hot on there tails.

Woods noticed something down a corridor, something that lifted his heart with joy. A sign that said 'Light containment zone'. It hung over the checkpoint. Woods sprinted faster then he had ever done before. It only took him a few seconds before reaching the checkpoint. He quickly swiped his ID card and the door opened. He ran forward with Hudson behind him. He knew he was only a couple of steps until he got to Gate A.

When he set his eyes on Gate A he shouted "Where gonna make it!" Until his dream was crushed when a bullet struck his left leg. He fell down to the groud with a large thump, SCP-1639 followed. He heard laughing as Dr Spunky held me at gun point. Hudson stood there like a statue.

"Aww, has the little mouse caught himself in my trap?" He taunted. "You fuck! Why are you doing this?" Woods screamed at him. "How could you do this to us! I respected you! You where are teacher, you where there for us and we where there for you!" Woods slowly started to get. "Now now, I wouldn't do that if I where you" Spunky said. "I'm going to FUCKING KILL YOU" He shouted, running at his mentor.

He ignored the bullets hitting his chest and sprinted at the traitor. He was about to tackle him until his life was ended by a bullet hitting his throat. He fell down to the ground and a gurgling sound started to come from his move. Blood flowed like a river out of his throat as his last seconds where coming.

His life flashed before his eyes. He had done so much and regretted so much in his life. He saw his first days in the foundation, before he knew it was place where his greatest nightmares slept. He though about all his friends. Drago,Snail,Hudson,Colms and Parkswood. He though about all the death he had seen in the foundation. He smiled as he was englufed by darkness.

So I've been thinking of doing some things. My first idea is to a complete story from Woods first days until his last. My second idea is just doing random storys in no order. Which one do you guys think I should do.