I felt an eerie sensation emerging from what lies behind the door. I turned back to face Young, he had a fearful - yet serious expression. I could tell that he didn't want to enter, but did not allow it to get in the way of his experimentation of the anomaly around him. I glanced at the other figure - an assistant researcher. Due to the minimum amount of members required for an expedition on 015, there had to be three of us. I had suggested a security unit, but Young decided on one of the scientists willing to come with us. She didn't look prepared for this expedition. She was shivering as hell, every time she would speak, she stuttered. I'm not clear on why she even enlisted for this - I guessed she thought we were going to perform an experiment on The Tickle Monster or something.

"Drago?" Young noticed that I froze in fear while staring at both at them. I was about to respond, but I was caught in mid-sentence. We all heard the sounds of banging and screaming coming from behind the door. The assistant shrieked. I decided, it was time to go inside the depths of SCP-015.


I searched in my pockets, and found a crumbled up piece of paper. I unfolded it, then read through the document.

SCP-015 is a mass of pipes, vents, boilers and other various plumbing apparatus completely filling a warehouse in ███████. The pipes appear to grow when not under observation, attempting to connect to nearby structures via sewer systems and underground plumbing. SCP-015 contains, at current estimate, over 190 kilometers (120 miles) of pipes, ranging in diameter from 2.5 cm to over 1 m. Some pipes appear new, while others are rusted and leaking. Pipes have been reported as being made of bone, wood, steel, pressed ash, human flesh, glass, and granite. No pipes composed of lead, PVC plastic, copper, or any other traditional material for the production of pipes have been found.
It was interesting in my opinion, that was the whole point of going inside it. Even if it can kill all of us, it's for science. Right? I approached the door, slid my card through the slot and the door opened up. Young notified the assistant to be turning on the video surveillance. I had a flashlight on hand. Flicked it on and observed the entrance. It was surrounded in pipes. Pipe Nightmare, eh? I told them, seems more like Pipe Hell. None of them laughed, of course. It wasn't a joke to begin with. 015 was enclosed with pipes, vents, and boilers.

We continues to walk through the rooms until we encountered a corpse on the floor. The assistant researched placed her hands over her mouth like she was about to puke, same thing to Young because of his fear of gore. I, however walked toward the body. There was a wrench by his hand, I picked it up and identified it. It had a mark on it, like a scratch. Seemed like he tried to hit something with it. Then -



One of the pipes bursted out with sea water. The room began to flood. There was merely a few minutes before the room would be full of water. We all had to think fast, I glanced over at Young if he had an idea. It seemed like if he did, he tried to block the pipe with his body. It didn't work, but the assistant pointed in the direction of an opening. We ran over to the exit and continued to sprint. I stared back as a wave of water rushed toward us, I shouted at them to run faster. Young looked at the tool I had on my hand.

"Drago - Throw away the wrench!" He told me, I hurled the wrench. But guess where it landed - at another pipe. The pipe burst out with gas, it seemed similar to our decontamination gas we use during containment breaches. Young glared at me with a frustrated expression. I let out an awkward chuckle and continued to run ahead. The water began to cool down, but the gas was still streaming throughout the tunnels. I stopped in place to catch my breath. Exhausted, I sat against the wall and began to write notes on SCP-015.

When in contact with tools, SCP-015...
Young tossed me a bottle of water, I thanked him and continued to write on my notebook.
bursts, or sprays at the subject for several seconds, or sometimes minutes. So far, the substances emitted from the pipes are,

  • Sea water
  • Decontamination gas

Took a second to open up the bottle and sip some water. I was about to pick up my pencil, until I dropped it. It rolled down to the next room, I ran after it. There was gas being sprayed from left to right, sometimes I hate when I'm clumsy. The tunnel ahead seemed longer than it was before, if it were to grow whenever it isn't in the range of vision. Strange. I noticed that each of the pipes looked, differently. Sometimes I would see old, rusted and leaking ones. Other times, I see much durable ones. Almost if they were, brand new? I touched the surface of a pipe. It felt like, human tissue. Similar to The Living Room. as I continued to walk through the tunnels, I heard a familiar noise.



Before I could react, the pipe near by me burst out with a large stream of water. The impact flung me across of the room, crashing me against the wall. I fell unconscious as I saw the shade of blood blind my vision.


My vision was blurry, I was awaken by the sound of a voice. I was expecting for it to be Young, but no - it was his assistant. She had a frightened look on face like if she had seen a ghost. I felt a wound on my arm. I guess that something sharp must have stabbed me in the impact. I stood up and took a look on my surroundings. Something was, missing. Where's Young? I ignored the fact that he was missing and tore out a sleeve out of my coat and tied it over the wound as a bandage for the time being. Under my lab coat, I had a plain and casual teal shirt. It wasn't very clean, it had some stains of dirt and blood. Might throw it away after we're done with this expedition.

I heard something, no - it wasn't the sound of the pipes preparing to burst out me with more water. It was the sound of groaning, it was familiar. Out from a darkness came a figure, it didn't look friendly. It was sluggishly moving toward the assistant, as it moved closer I could see what it was. 008-1. It grabbed her as she screamed. I pulled out a FiveSeven, she struggled to get out of it's grasp. The bullet fell as I tried to reload the gun. Goddamit! Luckily, she elbowed the walker. I picked up the bullet.



And fired.

The 008-1 collapsed to the floor. I'm wondering something here - how the hell did it get here? Or, perhaps it was diagnosed with 008 in the form of a syringe while going through here? He, I suppose - wore a Security Guard uniform. I noticed the assistant sitting against the wall, she was crying. Typically, a guy like me wouldn't give two shits. I asked her what was wrong. Stupid question eh? I mean, who wouldn't be traumatized if they almost died by some reanimated corpse? She said she wanted to go home. If she was a guy, I would have beat her up and told her to stop being such a wimp. "Stay determined." I told her. "We can get out of this nightmare." She sniffed and wiped a tear out of her face, I helped her get up. I ran up ahead and turned back, I did this creepy as fuck wink back at her. She just cocked her head back and did a 'The fuck?' face.I think my eyes were twitching, am I going insane again though? No - no, I'm fine.


We ran off to find Young, endless hallways of pipes. I'm going to loose it if we don't get the hell out of here. Wait - Hadn't we been here before? Where the fuck is the exit?! The assistant - I should really ask what her name is, I'm sick of calling someone "assistant" all day. Saw the look on my face, I'm sure she worried about it. My eyes were bloodshot red from tiredness. The flashlight had gone out of batteries so I can't see shit. I drank the last the drop of water, and Young has the rest of the supplies with him.

ᴛᴇʟʟ ʏᴏᴜɴɢ ᴛᴏ ʙᴜʀɴ ɪɴ ʜᴇʟʟ

. . . Oh, that was my head. I think I am -

I heard a voice. Or was that my head? No - no- it was -

ʙᴜᴛ ɴᴏʙᴏᴅʏ ᴄᴀᴍᴇ

. . .

It was Young! His voice echoed through the halls, I could feel like he was getting near to us. Yes - he was, a flash of light drew close to us. It was beaming from the flashlight of Doctor Young. He was glad to see us alive. Though he seemed a bit disturbed while looking at me, but he ignored it and passed me a package of MRE. I wolfed it down after cooking it up, I was starving as hell while being trapped down this hellhole.

"Holy shit, Drago." Young said. "You must be starving." He said, gulping down a bottle of water and sat down. I sat too, and the little school girl hid in a corner of the room and whimpered. "Hey." I said, trying to sound nice and considerate - unlike my regular self, which is the exact opposite - which was the words of Malfrous, I do say - I walked over to her and sat next to her. "What's your name?" I asked. "A-Arianna." She said, peeking upwards at me. "Anna, huh? You just got into the Scientific Department?" I asked. No answer. "Where you come from?" I looked into her eyes. "A-Arizona... I-I'm a college graduate...and...I couldn't find work - and me." She said, looking down at her feet. "Huh." I said. "You'll be fine. Heh. I bet when we're outta here, you're gonna quit, huh?" I said with a smile. She smiled -if that creepy ass thing she did with her mouth could be considered a smile - and I smiled back.

"Uh, Drago." Young said, looking behind me. "I- I think w-we have company - and not the type we would like..." He said. Then -


I turned around only to see a group of 008-1s - all dressed in tattered Scientific uniforms. "My god..." Young whispered. "It- it can't be-" He said, glancing at me. "It' - it can't." He sputtered. He quickly took out his flashlight again and aimed the beam of light into the horde. They were slowly limping towards us, arms raised. "They- they should be dead- it happened so many years ago..." He whispered. "Run!" Young screamed, and ran the other direction. He shined the flashlight forward, only to see another horde of 008-1s on the other side. "Holy shit-" He said, looking down both ways of the hallway.

"We're dead."


Backing up, I held out my pistol. There isn't enough ammunition to terminate all of them, but it was worth a shot. This is the worst time to make a pun. I kept firing bullets at rows of them, each time the thuds of the corpses could be heard. This is pointless, there is waves of them. I am thinking of one thing, how the fuck did all of them get here? I mean, I could understand how one stumbled upon SCP-015 while not aware of being infected. But, an entire horde? No - I can't think of a scenario of how this happened. Unless, a large research team - supposedly multiple of squadrons, stumbled across SCP-015 then, all of the sudden a pipe would spray out with gas, but not with any gas; substances of SCP-008 in gas form. Somehow they were all wounded and the gas went through their blood streams, causing them to all to be infected. Wait - why am I still having a discussion about this? I pulled the trigger of the gun,


. . .


Shit. Out of ammo, there's still a horde of them. This is worse than being trapped here to starve, not that I would like to be in that situation again.

The horde slowly approached us from both directions. Me, Young, and Arianna stood in the center of the hallway, bunched together, staring at the 008-1s.

  • It's the end

Tʜɪs ɪs ᴀʟʟ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ʙᴀᴅ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ...

Aɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ NEVER ᴡᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴜᴘ!



D̴̻̣̺̑͆̍A̧̢̠̫̤̣̭͇̤̎ͫ҉̨̫ͭ̆T̷̯̩͔͖̖̉́ͭ̃͟A̵̻͐͒ͧ͐҉͐ C̨͈͕̱ͮ̍̀͂̒Ò̸̭͖̀̈̑ͅR̎̋͊҉̷̧̗͈̖̑̑ͯ̇̓͠R̨͙̩̲͔̥̄̎̑́ͨ̅͂͛͘͜͝Ǔ͎̟̻̖̟̺͂̎̈́̾̔̂̅P̴̡̧̛̰̼̓̊ͭ̓͜T͚̪̥̗̦͍̲̖̓̉̎̐̿̅͝͠E̸͕̻͉̻̖̽͑̐͜͞͝D͈̒