The Chaos Insurgency Edit

In 1924, the SCP Foundation formed a covert special task force, known only to the O5 Council, codenamed the "Insurgency." The leadership of the Insurgency was comprised of members of MTF Alpha-1, the Red Right Hand, famed for their loyalty to the O5 Council and the total secrecy of their origins, identities, and operations. The Insurgency leadership was supported by research, security, and retrieval personnel, all taken from Foundation ranks.

To the majority of the Foundation and the anomalous world, the Insurgency was a splinter group that went A.W.O.L. with several researchers and anomalous objects. In reality, the O5 Council had created the Insurgency to complete missions with ethically questionable methods and politically unsavory results—while keeping the Foundation's public reputation clean. For approximately twenty-four years, the Insurgency operated under the guise of Foundation defectors, using anomalous objects to secretly further the goals of the O5 Council.

In 1948, as part of a seemingly routine staged operation, the Insurgency removed several SCP objects from Foundation containment and transported dozens of defecting Foundation researchers to various safe locations. That same day, multiple other unplanned raids of Foundation facilities occurred. The Insurgency seized SCP objects with great research and military potential and inflicted severe casualties to Foundation personnel. The Foundation's biggest lie had become a reality. Their covert black ops team had defected, and the Foundation faced a new threat from an organization now calling itself by a new name: the Chaos Insurgency.

The O5 Council was stunned. The defection or even the slightest hint of disloyalty from Red Right Hand personnel had been unprecedented. The motives behind the Insurgency's betrayal remain unknown to the Foundation. All attempts to find, apprehend, or assassinate the defecting Insurgency operatives failed. This information is classified within the Foundation, which maintains that the Insurgency defected in 1924 and that the actual defections in 1948 were simply raids made by the already-existing splinter organization.

The modern-day Chaos Insurgency bears some similarities to the organization that founded it. The Chaos Insurgency's Delta Command, shrouded in mystery, issues orders to the lower ranks. Gamma-class researchers and military commanders have oversight over the execution of the Delta Command's orders, while Beta-class personnel, while not given the same level of command as Gamma-class, carry out the Insurgency's work in the field. Alpha-class personnel, often recruited from individuals with little to no knowledge of the anomalous, accept offers of employment often because the alternative is to carry on a miserable existence outside the anomalous world. They are the grunt workers: numerous and expendable.

The Insurgency is split into two divisions: military and R&D. Cells within both divisions work independently, unaware of the exact actions and goals of other cells. New recruits receive instructions from their superiors and are expected to follow them unquestioningly, not knowing that every action they take is part of a larger plan orchestrated by the Delta Command. They are told that they are carrying out a great rebellion against the anarchy of the status quo—a world where "consensus reality" itself is an illusion, history's great lie, perpetrated by the Foundation. They are told that they will use the anomalous to build a utopian future, where humanity is master of everything, not just a mirage.

But really, who knows what the Chaos Insurgency actually wants?

Sites Edit

Site-46 Edit

Located in █████, North America. Used for mainly Research, Containment and Storage. Labs in the facility have some kind of Chemical and/or Biological purposes. The facility is separated into eight sectors. Any projects here are made sure to be safe or else the project is terminated or moved to another facility.

Due to circumstances and the spread of Project █████, the site was evacuated, with remaining Foundation Personnel and a MTF-████-█ Unit securing the facility and sealing off Project █████. The Chaos Insurgency decided to seize this opportunity and attack the Site. With communications shut down, the site easily fell to Insurgency hands.

Status of the site is unknown, however a Mobile Task Force was dispatched to investigate the missing personnel and MTF Unit. Operations are currently being discussed to re-take the site.

Kappa-01 Edit

Owned by the Foundation and abandoned by ██████, ████, Kappa-01 was seized by the Chaos Insurgency, serving as a ██████████ area to support █.█ with Incident-███-N

Sector 2-B Edit

Part of Site-46, it is used to train personnel of the Chaos Insurgency.

Terminus-5 Edit

Location: █████████, ███████

Contains: █ Item(s)

Protection: Two ██s, Multiple N.E.S.Ts, ████

Personnel accounted: 100+

Personnel Missing: ██

Personnel Dead: █

Aeronautical Facility Anemi-11 Edit

At an unknown location, it is known that this military facility, owned by the Chaos Insurgency, has multiple components. A military base with runways that are large enough to fit a ██████ ███. Drones and ████████ has been spotted patrolling a 10 mile radius around the military facility. It's been known that the Foundation has planned to attack this facility, however due to it's strict military presence, the Foundation have noticed and begun to discuss plans about destroying the Chaos Insurgency Space Program. Many indirect attempts failed, and every failed attempt results in retaliation.


Doctor █ (O5-█)Edit

Previously working for the Foundation  as an overseer, ██████ retired from the Foundation, hiding in the dark, until cameras caught him entering an area that belonged to █████ ██████. Site Director █████ was notified, and Undercover Task Force ██-██ was dispatched, and attempted to enter a building. Screaming was heard as [REDACTED] (See Incident Z-40). The ████ was under lock down for ██ hours. O5-█ and O5-█ was notified. Further information is restricted.

Agent █ (L-2, █, █, Medical Department)Edit

Working for the Foundation with connections to the ████████████, he defected and made a brand new Chaos Insurgency, betraying the people of those who trusted him, and ultimately was declared a threat. Possibly involved with Incident Z-40)

Incidents Edit

Incident Z-40 Edit

Taking place at ██/██/████, multiple personnel from Undercover Task Force ██-██ and █████ ██████ had their torso [DATA EXPUNGED]. All torsos were [DATA EXPUNGED] in similar fashion, as all █████████ seem to be exact. All personnel involved with the incident were declared deceased, due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. However it must noted that time was disturbed, as multiple personnel that were present within the area had ████ ████████.

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