Late afternoon at Site-11 Dr. Spunky was sitting in his chair, hands on his eyes, almost crying. "FUCK!" He screamed and he began sobbing "WHY DID THEY DO THAT!" He kept screaming. "MY FRIENDS..GONE BECAUSE OF THAT BAS-" Suddenly Hudson walks in "Hey sir, you alright?" "Yeah..I'm..I'm fine Hudson" "I just came to inform you all of the rouges have been terminated sir," "That's..that's great Hudson...." Dr. Spunky was fighting to hold the tears back.

"So..uhh need be to do anything else sir?" He asked "Y-yeah go help Malfrous with the-the-the...test." "Alright..see you soon sir." Dr. Spunky began crying again. He walked over to his wardrobe, he opened it and what he saw was his Chaos Insurgency uniform. His eyes where red from his fury of losing his friends. He glanced at the dart-board nearby It had all of Team 7's faces on it. Hudson, Woods, Drago, Malfrous, Horror, Colms and even the overseer of Site-11. He took the darts from his desk and threw them at the dart-board. " OF THEM!" He took a sheet of paper on his desk and at the top wrote "KILL LIST" and began writing all of the team's names down " OF THEM!"

This in not canon, and NOT to offend Scruffy, It's mainly just a filler for what happend to Dr. Spunky and why he killed Hudson and Woods.