Blind standing in front of his soon-to-be site.

Name: Agent ████ Blind

Security Clearance Level: Level 2

Occupation: Security Department - Trainee

Location(s): Site 40-2, Area 94, Site 92, Area 72

Age: ██

Status: Alive

Information: Agent Blind is a Level 2 personnel with the age of ██. He works for the security department, and most of the time, he prefers to work alone. This is mainly because of his anti-social behavior he has. He is working on Area 94 at this moment.

Biography: ████ Blind was born in ██████, Russia. His parents were always abusive to him. He ran away during early childhood. He was found by a strange man, and was raised by him for his mid-childhood to adulthood. He learnt to speak English throughout the time he was raised. It wasn't until his teenager ages when he found out his guardian was actually part of the Foundation. He got on his guardian's computer at night, and checked the SCP files, which was when he knew.

His guardian decided to bring him to his SCP site as soon as he told that he knew. As he was being toured, there was a containment breach with multiple Keter and Euclid SCPs. He was put in evacuation shelter, as his guardian was dealing with the breach. Eventually, after the breach, ████ Blind found out that his guardian died. He felt really upset throughout the time. He was offered to join the Foundation shortly after. He accepted it with please.

Throughout Level 1 clearance, he joined the Scientific Department, but left in a day or two. He didn't really understand much about the scientific method.

By the time he was promoted to Level 2 clearance, he decided to choose the security department. He is currently a trainee of it. He's working his way as high as he can. Throughout looking through the sites, he decided to make his own. Area 94 was shortly born afterwards.


Does Perfect Really Exist?


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  • Agent Blind used to go by Dr. Blind before he left the Scientific Department to join the Security Department at Level 2.
  • Agent Blind only does teamwork when he has to.
  • Blind most likely has anti-social behavior from the abuse he had in his early childhood.
  • He has an addiction to caffeine.
  • Agent Blind got blind from his left eye for some unknown reason. That's why he wears a futuristic eye-patch. The main theory is from his early childhood abuse. Another theory could be from being shot in the eye by accident.
  • His guardian was referred to as Dr. ███████.